Does anyone have any more harry Potter 3 trivia for me?

Emma Thompson accepted the role as Sybil Trelawny to impress her 4 year old daughter. It was originally offered to Tilda Swinton

Dudley Dursley has no lines

Filming was halted due to the train used as the Hogwarts Express was vandalized

David Thewlis was originally going to play Quirrel not Lupin

The tattoos on Sirius' body are Russian prison tats, the tats symbolize that he is a man to be feared and respected.

Gary Oldman says he accepted the role of Sirius Black because he needed the work. He hadn't acted in over a year.

Alfonso Cuaron, the director told Daniel Radcliffe to act like he had just seen Cameron Diaz in a G string in a seen where he had meant to be in awe. It worked.

Aware of Daniel Radcliffe's love for music Gary Oldman gave him a base guitar when they first met

On the Marauders Map Moony is mispelt Mooney.

Robson Green was considered for the role of Sirius Black

A clause in Alfonso Cuaron's contract forbade hm from swearing in front of the kids on set.

The symbols underneath Sirius Black's wanted poster say more or less human.

What do you think do you have any more?

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    Steven Spielburg was rumoured to be directing this movie.

    Director Chris Columbus opted out of directing the third instalment, citing that he missed his family and wanted to spend more time with them. He says he is very open to the idea of directing the fourth Potter film.

    Other directors reportedly considered for this instalment of the Harry Potter series included Callie Khouri and Kenneth Branagh.

    After the death of Richard Harris, many actors were considered for the vacant role of Albus Dumbledore. Christopher Lee was in the frame for a while, and there was a rumour (reported in many newspapers) that Sir Ian McKellen was also considered. Sir Michael Gambon finally got the role.

    Filming was halted in December 2002 following a huge fire on the set.

    Ewan McGregor was considered for the role of Prof. Lupin.

    The effects team spent six months creating the dementors.

    Honeydukes "is floor-to-ceiling psychedelia" and includes Mexican skulls made of sugar. The cast was told that the Honeydukes candy was lacquer-coated, when in fact it wasn't, to prevent candy from disappearing between takes.

    Illusionist Paul Kieve served as a consultant. He taught magic to several members of the cast including Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson (Hermione and Harry) and worked extensively to create physical magical effects. He is the first illusionist to have worked on any of the series of films. He is also to make a cameo appearance in the film in a scene in the Three Broomsticks pub.

    During filming, the 'Hogwarts Express' was vandalized (graffiti) which halted filming.

    The set for Honeydukes was previously been used for Olivander's Wand Shop in Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone (2001).

    The film was offered to director 'Guillermo Del Toro' but he opted to do 'Hellboy' (2004) instead.

    Emma Thompson accepted the role of Professor Trelawney to impress her four year old daughter, Gaia.

    Source(s): Mugglenet.
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