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Do you think Wanderlei Silva is a punk?

To me he comes off as one, but maybe I haven't seen too much of him. What gives me this perception was the **** he talked about Rampage, pushing Liddell, and I heard him say Cro Cop has a bad attitude which I think is the opposite. I don't know maybe I'm wrong, but what is your opinion?

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  • Dan
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    Nah, just look at some of his off stage personality. He's a very nice and respectable guy. A lot more kind then you would think. His brutal stare downs and and bad attitude is just to get himself hyped. He feels he can fight better if he's rushed with adrenaline and pumped up, and that's actually a martial arts technique. It definitely helped him win a lot of fights. Look at some of the fights where he's not as amped up, he loses those fights. Wandie is a great guy. I'll attach a video.

    Cro Cop did have an attitude, but he's still a very humble guy. I can assure you that off camera he's a great guy. Rough around the edges, but that's just him.

    There really is no perfect fighter, with no attitude or self preservation. The only one is Fedor. Who is respectable and humble at the same time. Anderson silva is respectable but dances around his opponents when he wins. Rampage howls like a wolf, all of this is mocking towards the opponent. Every fighter has his pro's and cons. But they're all great guys when it comes down to it.

    Here's wanderlie;

    Youtube thumbnail

    Here's cro cop.

    Youtube thumbnail

    These video's show that they're both great guys.

  • Anonymous
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    lol...cro cop DOES have a bad attitude..he just quit...again! he can't perform like all the pride nut huggers said he would and so he quit. rampage....just quit ! after all they have done for that emotional horrible tuf coach...he loves chuck liddell and they get along fine. the push was to amp up the fight. i think wandy is intense and can come across unlikable on t.v. but generaly he has a great rep as a trainer/fighter/ and stand up guy. he performs every fight out win or lose, and is gracious in victory and defeat. so i'd say no, he's not a punk.

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    Nope. He's just an alpha male. For the record, he never pushed Liddell, Rampage called him out first when they were in Pride, and Crocop's attitude is the main reason he loses fights because he's lost focus.

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    Silva, quite the opposite, ain't no punk. He doesn't take crap from anyone.

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    Nah chill

    Wanderlei is a beast

    You look at him in his prime fighting in dream, he was king.

    And cro cop does have a bad addittude. That **** he pulled after he lost that UFC fight afew months back, White almost didnt let him come back to ufc.

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  • ARTY
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    I do think Wanderli Silva is an a$$. I personally don't like him and, was VERY happy when Rampage knocked his a$$ out cold in their last fight.

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