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What should I do with my private English student?

I'm in Japan, and I teach a little 8 year old boy. I took over from his previous teacher when she went back home.

His listening is very good, and I can speak to him at native level and he understands most of what I say. His mother makes us do 2 hour lessons, once a week, and I've been getting him to read books, memorise tongue twisters and teach some grammar and words (like directions, for example).

However, he gets bored easily and when I asked him what he did with his old teacher he said that they played games like charades. I don't really want to play charades as I think he has a lot more potential if he is pushed a bit harder, but it is impossible to find games to play to help ESL learners that aren't class based.

Can anyone give me any ideas please? I'm at a loss every week as to what to do with him.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Some class based games are fine for single students... for example a simple game like hangman can be used for endless themes.. all the fruits, all the cities, all the vegetables...

    to improve his description capacities the childrens game 'Guess Who' is great, you play together. For general vocabulary the classic

    Alphabet game (choose six general subjects, ex. city, fruit, sport, names, countries, animals) and one letter of the alphabet. The student draws up a table with the general sujects as headings, then find a word for each subject that begins with the letter that you have chosen. You play against the student, you both get 10 points for each original word, but only 5 if you have chosen the same word. You can go on for a while with this game, changing subjects if you wish.

    Wordsearches, all the sports, all the school subjects, all the jobs, all the activities, things you find in the bedroom, bathroom etc... there is no end to word search possibilities.

    Hope I've given you some ideas.

  • 4 years ago

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  • arnold
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    4 years ago

    We favor vegetables but like fruits that we use in salad such as tomatoes and avocados.

  • 5 years ago

    For a fine trainer their is no use of commercial. on your individual sector attempt to mind wash the pupils that you're taking english elegance. so tht the pupils would possibly come and become a member of you and their peers may additionally want to return to you. that is the fine approach i feel soo...

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