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"敷背"-用熱毛巾為客人熱敷身體的背部- "敷背"如何翻譯呢?

"敷胸"-用熱毛巾為客人熱敷胸口- "敷胸"如何翻譯呢?

刮痧 如何翻譯呢

臉部清潔去角質 如何翻呢

精油 如何翻呢

清潔費 如何翻呢

推肚燃脂精油 如何翻

背部保養去角質 如何翻



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  • Trista
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    1 decade ago
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    敷背---spread over one's back

    敷胸---spread over one's chest

    刮痧---scrape one's neck, chest or back with the fingers or a coin

    臉部清潔去角質---pore peel for facial cleaning

    精油---essential oil

    清潔費---cleaning charge

    推肚燃脂精油---essential oil for fat-free by massaging the abdomen

    背部保養去角質---pore peel for the maintenance of the back

    Hope Helps!!

    Source(s): 知識+ chinese-english dictionary
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