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‘I could never do that again,’ said Edek.

‘No,’ said Jan, looking at Edek’s thin arms. ‘And you didn’t do it before. There’s no room to lie under a train, and there’s nothing to hold on to.’

Edek pulled Jan to his feet. ‘Have you ever looked under a train?’ He described the underside of a train in accurate detail, and everyone except Jan believed him.

‘Why weren’t you shaken off?’ Jan wanted to know.

‘Because the train went through some water, and it began to freeze on me,’ said Edek. ‘I soon became a piece of ice, frozen to the bottom of the train. Later, Iheard Polish voices and knew that we were out of Germany. My voice was the part of me that wasn’t frozen, so I should for help. The station master came broke the ice and carried me out from under the train. It took two hours for the ice to disappear.’

Later, when all was quite and the refugees lay sleeping under the cold stars, Ruth whispered to Edek, ‘Was it really true?’

‘Yes, it was true,’ he said.

She took his hand and held it in hers. ‘Nothing like that must ever happen to you again,’ she said.

Nine days later, at the end of May, the train reached Berlin. Some of the refugees immediately disappeared into the dusty ruins of the city, others waited with their luggage, hoping that someone would give them food or tell them where to go. But theirs was the second refugee train that day and there was not enough food for everyone.

But the children were happy. They left the station laughing and shouting, on their way to a refugee camp not far away. Only a few weeks ago, they had been in Warsaw; ten days ago, Edek had been missing. But now they were all together and a third of the way to Switzerland.

The camp was an old, empty cinema. It was warm and dry and comfortable, and there was food to eat.

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    我決不能做那再次,' Edek 說。

    ' 不,' 1月說,看Edek ' s瘦的臂。 ' 並且你didn ' t 以前做它。 那裡' s 沒有空間遭到A 訓練 , 並且那裡' s 沒有什麼可抓住。 '

    Edek把1月拉到他的腳。 ' 你曾經在一輛火車下看了嗎? ' 他在準確的細節裡描述一輛火車的下面, 並且每人除1月之外相信他。

    ' 為什麼w你抖去? ' 1月想要知道。

    ' 因為火車經歷一些水, 並且它開始給結冰在上我,' Edek 說。 ' 我不久成為一塊冰,對火車的底部結冰。 過後,Iheard波蘭聲音和知道那個我們離開德國。 我聲音我部分那wasn ' 結冰的t,我適合幫助。 站長來打破僵局並且從火車下面實現我。 冰花兩個小時消失。 '

    過後,到那時完全全部和那些難民放在這冷星下睡,魯思給Edek 低聲地說,' 它真的真實嗎? '

    ' 是的,那時真實,' 他說。

    她在她的裡握住他的手並且拿它。 ' 沒有什麼那樣必須發生在身上你再次,' 她說。

    9 天以後,五月底,火車到達柏林。 一些難民立即消失進城市的佈滿灰塵的廢墟, 其它人用他們的行李等待,希望某人將給他們食品或者告訴他們去哪兒。 那天但是他們的是第2 難民訓練,沒有每人的足夠的食品。

    但是那些孩子愉快。 在他們去不遠方的一個難民營的路上,他們讓車站笑和大叫。 僅僅幾周以前,他們在華沙; 10 天以前,Edek丟失。 但是現下他們總共和去瑞士的路的1/ 3。

    陣營是一家老,空的電影院。 天氣溫暖和乾燥和舒適, 並且有食品吃。

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    決不能再次做那個,Edek 說。

    o,1月說,看Edek瘦的臂。 nd 以前你didn 做它。 那裡沒有空間遭到一輛火車和那裡沒有什麼可抓住。

    Edek把1月拉到他的腳。 你在一輛火車下看的ave嗎? 他在準確的細節裡描述一輛火車的下面, 並且每個人除1月之外相信他。

    耐weren 你抖去? 1月想要知道。

    ecause 火車經歷一些水, 並且開始在我身上結冰,Edek 說。 不久成為一塊冰,對火車的底部結冰。 過後,Iheard波蘭聲音和知道我們離開德國。 我聲音部分我結冰的wasn,我適合幫助。 站長來打破僵局並且從火車下面實現我。 冰花兩個小時消失。

    當完全全部什麼時候時,過後和那些難民放在那些冷星下睡,魯思給Edek 低聲地說,作為天氣真的真實?


    她在她的裡握住他的手並且拿它。 那樣othing 必須再次發生在你身上,她說。

    9 天以後,五月底,火車到達柏林。 一些難民立即消失進城市的佈滿灰塵的廢墟, 其它人用他們的行李等待,希望某人將給他們食品或者告訴他們去哪兒。 但是他們的是第2 難民那天訓練,沒有每個人的足夠的食品。

    但是那些孩子愉快。 在他們去不遠方的一個難民營的路上,他們讓車站笑和大叫。 僅僅幾周以前,他們在華沙; 10 天以前,Edek丟失。 但是現下他們總共和去瑞士的路的1/ 3。

    陣營是一家老,空電影院。 天氣溫暖和乾燥和舒適, 並且有食品吃。

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    妳打GOOgle 有一個線上翻譯



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