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Is Costa Rica a Third World Country?

I think yes, what about you? Best answer 10 points!


Actually there is nothing considered 2nd World Country. During the Cold War the 2nd World was conformed by the Communist Nations (URSS, Cuba, Vietnam, Nicaragua....).

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    Yes of course. But let me tell you something: the First World, the Second World and the Third World are outdated terms. Right now there are two better ways to name the countries: the Seven Worlds Index and the countries by wealthy.

    In the Seven World Index, Costa Rica falls in the category LDC (Less Developed Country), along with all Latin America, Africa and most of Asia.

    In the countries by wealthy there are just two categories: Developed Countries (the former First World and some countries from the Second World) and the Under Developed Countries (divided in four subcategories: Newly Industrialized Nation, Developing Country, Less Developed Country not Developing, and Least Developed Country).

    Costa Rica, as a Under Developed Country, is a Developing Country (in some years it can be a Newly Industrialized Nation and many years later a Developed Country). Some people think that it can be a NIC (Newly Industrialized Nation), but actually only Mexico and Brazil, along with 9 other countries in Africa and Asia are Newly Industrialized Nations.

    Costa Rica is a Developing Country, of course part of the former Third World. As a developing country, Costa Rica has poverty levels higher than that of the NIC countries, less per capita income, etc.

    Among Developing Countries, Costa Rica is one of the wealthiest (along with Panama, Argentina, Chile, Vietnam, etc). Costa Rica has literacy rates higher than some NICs (eg: Mexico and Brazil).

    In Latin America all countries are Under developed:

    1.-NICs: Mexico, Brazil

    2.-Developing Country: Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Cuba, Republica Dominicana.

    3.-Less developed country not Least Developed: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Paraguay, Guyana.

    4.-Least Developed country: Haiti.

    As you can see, Haiti is the only one in the category of Least Developed Country. The Second Poorest Country in Latin America is Nicaragua and it's in the category 3.


    In response to your answer, yes Costa Rica is a Third World Country.

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    Is Costa Rica a Third World Country?

    I think yes, what about you? Best answer 10 points!

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    Is Costa Rica a Third World Country? Yes. All of the mainland south of the USA is third world including Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.

    Costa Rica is one of the best run countries in Latin America but it has a long way to go to be part of the first world.

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    wow...from all the answers here just one guy is right. Costa Rica is a developing country which means is raising fast. At the moment the best country in the south america is Chile due to its fast raising in the economic and cultural aspects. A 3rd world country do not have clean water or a great public transport. Chile does it, their metro system is almost as good as Japan. Now if we get talking about the military many countries in S.A have great military arsenal such as F-16, etc.

    The term Third World arose during the Cold War to define countries that remained non-aligned or neutral with either capitalism and NATO (which along with its allies represented the First World) or communism and the Soviet Union (which along with its allies represented the Second World). This definition provided a way of broadly categorizing the nations of the Earth into three groups based on social, political, and economic divisions. Although the term continues to be used colloquially to describe the poorest countries in the world, this usage is widely disparaged since the term no longer holds any verifiable meaning after the fall of the Soviet Union deprecated the terms First World and Second World. While there is no identical contemporary replacement, common alternatives include developing world and Global South.

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    Yes, Costa Rica is considered the third world. Third world countries are any country where the majority of the population work in agriculture.

    I've just spent a year in Costa Rica, and would classify it as "Third World Light". Having also spent a great deal of time in India in the 90's, including the slums, that's the real third world. (At least then, it is changing fast)

    2nd world is also known as 'Developing'. Many countries fit this definition.

  • It's not an ''I think yes'' answer - Costa Rica is called ''a developing country'' please see and read the question, Anybody Know Anything About Costa Rica ?'

    I actually don't know what makes the difference between a 3 rd World or a Developing County nor how those labels are arrived at.

    I lived in Costa Rica for about 10 months, had 5 plastic surgery operations and total dental restoration done. I lived in a beautiful 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 2 story town house condo, and also in a tiny B & B right across the highway, walking distance in a few minutes, in La Uruca, right on the Pan American Hwy. Then, we took our children back for a month and went to Tortuguero on the Caribbean, , traveling like the Ticos, not the rich tourists on air conditioned busses, then to Puerto Viejo and Bocas de Torro. I went to Arenal, La Fortuna with the owner of the B & B who also became my friend, to visit her daughter there, and to Jaco on the Pacific. I also took a weekend and drove throught the central mountains down to the Pacific and Manuel Antonio.

    My husband is in Costa Rica right now at that B & B, the Kalexma in Uruca, to have dental work done that we cannot afford to do here in the states.

    There are social problems that CR can't solve but they are trying. They also have a huge, huge problem with garbage and disposal. Everywhere are mountains of black plasic garbage bags, full, that are not picked up because they have no place to take them. The country was trying to make another dump site near the Pacific coast but was meeting serious opposition from the owners of the million dollar condos and homes that have been built for the rich foreigners. It is a land of contradiction. My youngest son had this to say . '' Costa Rica needs to start a convoy of garbage trucks at the border and roll them all the way through the country.'' Then fill in all the horrible drainage ditches and make roads and walkways that aren't broken and dangerous.''

    We considered buying and moving there, but with such serious problems once you look beneath the surface, no. We knew we could never do it. San Jose' the capitol is the worst capitol city I have been in yet, maybe with the exception of Managua. It's ugly and dirty and does not represent the country well - the opposite in Spades, I was shocked about that.

    My Source ??? Well, I worked with Pan Am Word Airways for over 35 years and have been in nearly all of the countries in CA and SA and for that matter, all over the World. I don't know it all, but I'm way ahead of anybody else I've ever met in travel and experience. I was married to a Honduran, now an X, and am currently married to a man born and bred in El Salvador but educated here in the States. Anything else you'd like to know, just ask and I'll try to get you an answer if I don't know it.

    Source(s): the WHO, Costa Rica is called a Developing Country, whatever in heck that means really, Maybe that Bell Telephone has built a huge complex in Heredia and outsourced all of the calls to Costa Rica, at Costa Rican salaries and minimal benefits if any ? Hummmm, I wondered why my kids can't find jobs in the u s. Not even at Winn Dixie now because they now use robot machines at check outs.
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    I've never visited Costa Rica but I've studied that Costa Rica is one of the richest countries in Central America.

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    what is a good part of Costa Rica to help out with people where there they live because i would like to help out with a friend of mine? This would be our first time doing the third world war country. Can you please send me a photo of the old part Of Costa Rica

    thank you Crystal Miller

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    In the strictest terms all developing countries are considered third world. So all countries in Latin America are 3rd world and that includes Costa Rica. It is an emerging or developing economy, which means it is rising faster than others, however, it lags neighbors like Panama and Latin American countries like Chile and Peru, due to its lack of economic reforms.

    Source(s): MS in Economics.
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    No, its considered a 2nd world country. Not up to US standards, but advancing quickly.

    Before my first trip to Costa Rica, some of my research called CR a 2nd world country. Its been 5 years, so I don't remember where I read it. It may not be official, but someone thinks it fits the description.

    Regardless, it isn't up to the standards of fully developed countries such as the US, but they have excellent health care, good water and sanitation conditions and all those things that most 3rd worlds don't have. I don't know what the 'official' term would be though.

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