Have you ever heard this story before? Do you believe it?

Back in 1908, when the Cubs were in the World Series. A man came to the gate with a goat. He bought a ticket for his goat, but the ushers wouldnt let him in. He said, "Let me and my goat in, or I'm going to put a curse on the Cubs, they will never win another World Series.", they didn't let him in, look at the Cubs now.

I've never heard that before today, my Uncle told be about it..

BQ: Who's your favorite active player? Favorite non-active player?

BQ2: Will Tommy Hanson win NL Rookie of the year?


It's called the Curse of the Goat

Update 2:

My favorite active player is Brian McCann..I don't have a favorite non-active player, because I'm 13 and have really only been keeping up with baseball for 2 years.

Update 3:

If Happ wins rookie of the year..I might have to talk to a few people...and hurt a few more...

You really don't want to hear me rant on and on about how much better Hanson is. He is 11-4 and should be 13-3, he got two leads blown by the bullpen, and he got a loss he didn't deserve.

Update 4:

Sorry, my uncle said 1908..but I guess he was wrong.

Sorry everyone, 1945 ;)

Update 5:

Ilovebabies- No I don't have AIDS thanks for asking ;)

Update 6:

victormartinezrocksyoursocks- not I didn't its cool that we both thought of it...I didn't copy you...Brian McCann is my favorite player, and I've always just wrote:

Brian McCann rox ur sox :)

Update 7:

Ok, Curse of the Billy Goat, get all over me for leaving out one word.

I just heard it today.

Update 8:

Deliah Elizabeth- what do you mean "publicly lifted"?

Update 9:

Deliah Elizabeth- what do you mean "publicly lifted"?

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    Haha. Yeah. It's called the Curse of the Billy Goat. It was started by the owner of the Billy Goat Tavern, William "Billy Goat" Sianis, which is by Wrigley Field. And it wasn't because they wouldn't let him in, they kicked him and his goat out during game four of 1945 World Series. Legend goes that he bought two tickets, one for him and the other for his goat, he was allowed to walk on the field with the goat and they sat peacefully in their seats until the seventh inning. Security then came and asked them to leave due to the many complaints about the goats foul odor. He was so pissed at this, it was said he sent a telegram to Philip K. Wrigley saying this, "You are going to lose this World Series and you are never going to win another World Series again. You are never going to win a World Series again because you insulted my goat." The curse was said to be "publicly lifted" many times, first in 1969 by Sianis himself and several times after by his nephew Sam Sianis, current owner of the tavern.

    EDIT: To answer your question, it was said that he came out and did some sort of whatever and publicly stated that the curse was lifted. This was due to an upset of Cubs fans that go to the tavern.

    Source(s): My dad told me this when I was little. He was born and raised in Chicago and his mom is a huge Cubs fan. I got faith though. Cubs will break it eventually. "D
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    It was actually 1945, and I somewhat believe it. I do believe the part about the man being unable to attend a game, because of some stupid rule, but the goat thing is most likely made up.

    BQ: Active: Derek Jeter, Non Active: Dave Winfield

    BQ2: No, I think JA Happ or Garrett Jones will win it.

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    Did you just imitate my avatar? anyways, I have. I do believe the fact the guy brought a goat and was angry because they didnt let him and his goat in but i dont believe the "curse" part. Its just an old myth that is now used to blame there drought.

    BTW its the Curse of the Billy Goat

    BQ: Who's your favorite active player? Favorite non-active player?

    Dustin Pedroia and V-Mart. Ted Williams

    BQ2: Will Tommy Hanson win NL Rookie of the year?

    Yes, he should.

    EDIT: Its cool, its just a big coincidence

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    I think the "Billy Goat Curse" dates from 1945, but anyway BQ1 is Ken Griffey Jr. and Carlton Fisk BQ2 toss up between Garret Jones, J.A. Happ and Hanson. I'm going to say Happ wins, by a sliver.

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  • Yeah, I think all Cubs fans and most baseball fans in general are familiar with The Curse of the Billy Goat. I'd believe it.

    BQ1: Nate Schierholtz (active); Tony Gwynn (inactive)

    BQ2: I'd go with Andrew McCutchen for NL Rookie of the Year.

  • JenJen
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    1 decade ago

    The Curse of the Billy Goat I think is a myth. They just use it to explain there drought of not winning a World Series since 1908.

    BQ1 - McCann active--- Maddux non active

    BQ2- I would love to see Hanson win ROY.

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    Yep, I know that. Ya know like technically its called the curse of the billy goat. But I remember Billy the Marlin came out with a billy goat on a leash one game and that really ticked of pinella.

    Hanley Ramirez. Harmon Killebrew

    No, Chris Coghlan will.

  • Fozzy
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    Yes, I've heard the story.

    And know it well enough to know it actually happened in 1945, NOT in 1908.

    Favorite active player - Mark DeRosa

    All-time - Roberto Clemente

    NL Rookie of the Year - Tough call this year - nobody really jumps out. But I would put my money on Coghlan.

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    "The Curse of the Billy Goat."

    I'm from the suburbs of Chicago, I've heard about it plenty of times. It actually happened in 1945, not 1908.

  • I have heard the story but I dont believe it. Why would someone bring a goat to a ball game and expect the goat to be let in.

    BQ: Ryan Howard, and Mike Schmidt

    BQ2: No I think Garett Jones will

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