Any bakers in the house? Bread from a machine -- why did it turn out this way?

We followed a machine whole wheat bread recipe, and it turned out really little and dense/hard.

We just poured everything into the machine and set it.

1 and 1/8 cups water

1 tablespood gluten

1.5 table spoon sugar

a sprinkle of salt

4-5 tablespoons of honey

3 cups of whole wheat flour

and 2 tea spoons of yeast (nearly a whole packet)

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    Most bread machine have a specific order of adding the ingredients to the bread pan. The yeast is put in place, undisturbed and all in one place, in the bottom of the bread pan or on top, depending on your machine.

    Mixing the yeast into the flour will result in a poor ferment and a low rise.

    If you can't find your owner's manual, here are some basic tips on bread machines

    Good luck!

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    This is a really crappy recipe. Whole wheat bread needs to have some portion of white flour - it doesn't have to be bleached. It should be more like 2 cups of wheat flour and one cup of white. There is no fat as in butter or oil which may have also contributed to the denseness. I would have used the whole packet of yeast. You need more salt than just a sprinkle - more like a teaspoon full.


    2/3 tsp. salt

    1 1/3 tsp. brown sugar

    2 c. whole wheat flour

    2 c. bread flour

    1 1/3 c. water

    2 1/2 tbsp. butter

    2 tsp. yeast

    Directions for bread machine.

    Combine salt, sugar and flours in bread pan. Next, pour water and butter on top. Fill yeast dispenser with 2 teaspoons of yeast. Press start pad. Remove bread pan from machine after beeping stops. Turn pan upside down to release bread and place it on a wire rack to cool. Makes 1 large loaf.

    Source(s): Make bread by hand - traded my bread machine for a computer.
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    My first thought would be that your yeast may not be good any longer. However, this same thing happened to me when one of the kids hit the "delay" setting at some point after the machine had been started ~ I had to use a screw driver to retrieve my paddle ;)

    Will research your ingredients a bit, as well as compare it to my machine's recipe, and update this post if I can figure anything else out.

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    It sounds like the yeast in your bread mixture did not have time to work.Look at the instructions for the bread machine .It may give you a solution.

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