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How can someone contact the IOC to make their opinion on the upcoming election heard?

As many of you probably know the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is set to make their decision, in less than a week, on which city is to host the 2016 Olympic games. Obviously a lot of media attention has been focused on this, but I was wondering how, as an individual, one could contact the IOC directly to voice an opinion on a city, either for or against.

P.S. I already went to and was unable to find any contact information.


P.P.S. Thanks to those who answered, and thanks in advance to those who might, but I feel I should say that offering an opinion is not the same as answering a question. If you have contact info, great; please tell me. If you don't, please refrain from cluttering the page. Thanks again.

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    do as you wish, but you should know that the IOC doesn't care what we common folks think.

    They are superior to the great unwashed masses, and never consider what outsiders think or say.

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    the IOC rarely listens to the common person..

    unless you know someone that is actually on the board your voice will not be heard .it is a shame that we can tell them what we think

    or leave a place where we could do just that

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