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What do you think of Evan Rachel Wood?

I have to do a book project and pick actors to play the characters in my book. I thought Evan Rachel Wood was a good role for one of my girl characters but I don't know now. What is she like as a actress. Do you think she could play a girl teen role?

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    she's different if you ask me out of the young actresses she the best. She's dfferent she doesn't do a "clean highschoo musical"type of role she'll take on anything and she's sexy I'd lick her p**sy.

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    Seeing as how she is dating Marilyn Manson, I would bet she is a druggie. I used to think she was a good actress until I saw her on True Blood, now not so much.

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  • she looks like she got beat with an ugly-stick,

    plus i heard thru the grapevine she sells narcotics.

    Source(s): one of her customers,but don't worry bout it.
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