Moving to Camp Lejeune?

My husband is currently stationed in Camp Lejeune and we just bought an apartment offbase. I'm going to bring a few things and therefore need some sort of moving company. Not a big truck or anything but something to at least hold a bed. He told me that the marines would move us up there for free but I have no information on how this works. I'm down here in Louisiana. I'm not allowed to get in contact with my husband for a week and a half. If anyone can give me any information whatsoever I would be greatly appreciated. The name, how they move you, anything. Thanks so much!

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    Let me guess, your husband just got out of MOS school, right? All he needs to do is talk to anyone in his chain of command about this. It's dealt with by the travel claims department, but because he's clueless he'll fare better just asking his platoon Sergeant for help.

    That said, I wish you the best of luck at Lejeune and highly HIGHLY recommend that you buy yourself a Brita filter, or other water filter. Due to base dumping laws (more lenient than civilian ones), the wells have been contaminated with mutinigens and carcinogens, and it causes a LOT of serious issues. In 2008 they claimed the water was a-ok for drinking (despite the fact that people had been drinking it long before they tested it for purity), but as recently as 2007 the city of Jacksonville (that's the town you're going to be living in most likely) in Onslow County had a town meeting about this, about basically how the base has contaminated their water and they were having a lot of medical repercussions from it.

    Get used to ordering things online, because that area is pretty small and sh*tty if you want something nice.

    Also, check out if you need furniture or want to sell something. It's basically an online "yard sale" where people post and it's good times.

    There are a few steak houses in Jacksonville, but I recommend Texas Roadhouse over Logan's or that other one. All three are right on Western Blvd (where you'll see Radio, aka "The Jacksonville Ninja"...find him on YouTube by typing in "The Jacksonville Ninja"). There's a Thai place off of Hwy 17 that's better than the Thai place on Western (near Lejeune Blvd). Also, visit the Asian market near there called Oriental Market. They were expanding to take over the neighboring store in that strip mall, and they have a lot of great prices. For more Japanese stuff, the Tomadachi Japanese Market is also very close to that. On a road called Brynn Marr Rd you'll see a KFC on the corner of that road and Western Blvd. On the opposite side of the road is a Mormon church. Turn onto Brynn Marr Rd in the direction of the KFC and it's right in that strip mall across the street, almost at the end. My friend and I really liked going to those stores and restaurants.

    Let's see...if you go up Western all the way to Gum Branch Road, you'll see a plaza with a few things, like a Food Lion and Dollar General. In that parking lot is a small coffee shop called Moka Joes Coffee. That place is my favorite by far. Try a carmello (caramel + marshmallow served with coffee and milk hot, iced, or blended [blended with ice or ice cream, your choice]).

    The nearest larger, nicer city is Wilmington, about 45 minutes south. I enjoyed going there every other weekend. During a 3 or 4 day weekend (aka, a 72 or 96), a lot of people head down to Myrtle Beach. If you and your husband choose to do this, get a hotel room locked on BEFORE you head down there. Trust me, you don't want to be driving back up to freakin' Wilmington in the middle of the night because of that. Myrtle Beach is worth checking out, lots of neat things down there. I personally like the museums and aquariums.

    Anyway, if you have any questions about Jacksonville or Lejeune or about your husband's command/job/whatever, feel free to email me (email's on my profile).

    Source(s): US Marine Corps veteran
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    Your husband has to coordinate all that jazz about the military moving you.

    By the way, I disliked living at Camp Lejeune... good luck.

    The guy below me hit the hammer on the nail head... he is 100% right and should do some kind of Marine Corps Travel Guide TV show lol. I started laughing while reading he post because it's so true.

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    LOL at radio! i always see him at the o house! and yes i agree with that guy go to you will be addicted !

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