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how to thoroughly clean an old house or apartment?

Ever since I moved into my apartment about a month ago I wake up each morning with blood shot and very puffy eyes. The building is from the early 1900's. I have cleaned the bathroom and kitchen thoroughly and try to vacuum 1 time a week. I cleaned the ceiling fan. So now I am thinking it might be in the walls or on the walls? How would I go about cleaning them?

Also I bought a humidifier and it doesn't seem to help much. Should I get my carpets steamed or professionally cleaned?

Any cleaning advice would be helpful!

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    I would try painting the house, old paints have nasty chemicals in it, so try a paint with no or low VOC, maybe it's allergies.

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    Replace the blind usually $5 at Wal-Mart sometimes you can even find them at the Family Dollar, and scrub the carpet pretreat stains with vinegar rent a cleaner usually around $50, and use vinegar about three cups in the tank with your water that should bring up alot of the stains. As long as the apartment is clean, walls wiped down,cabinets cleaned, etc. the landlord may let you slide on the carpet depending on how old the carpet is and how it looked when you moved in, carpets do not last forever especially in apartments with kids, he may have been planning on replacing it soon anyway. Clean it as best as you can and fix the blind and hope for the best, you get some money back, but expect the worst, he keeps the deposit. Good Luck.

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    get some 1 out to clean the carpets and some 1 to paint the house

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