what has THC that will give me a legal high and isnt bad for me?

i dont smoke pot. i need some **** that is legal

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  • Cass
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    1 decade ago
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    Sorry man, only place to get THC is pot. Seeing as pot technically isn't bad for you, but smoking obviously is, you could try using a vaporizer or making potbutter and baking brownies with it. As for legal ****....lots of ppl getting high on over the counter drugs. But what do you think is worse for you, man made chemicals (which people HAVE O.D.'d on) or a relatively harmless plant (I dare you to find one documented human fatality caused by cannabis overdose).

  • 1 decade ago

    sorry, I think cannabis is the only plant that has thc,

    I have seen fake, legal weed, That looks and tastes good, but doesnt really get you high. It must be some other type of bud, Im not sure what. Lots of other plants can give you a buzz, tho. But most of them have more health issues than cannabis. Some will outright kill you, or make you psychotic.

    Some kids have been using salvia, which is a type of sage, But I think it does weird things to you too. Cannabis , and fermented grains, are your best bets for plant induced highs. And have been used for thousands of years. For good reason. All the other things can harm you worse.

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    THC is illegal, so anything containing it is illegal. Ecsphoria has no THC in it and is absolutley mind blowing! its the most fun herb ever! all legal

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