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death knight talents/rotations unholy?

well my dk has been 80 for a while.... and, well, i cant really find a good unholy talent build or attack rotation. yes, ive tryed blood and frost i HATE them... so if any of you could tell me atleast a good attk rotation for dpsing (i pull about 1.8k right now T_T) for naxx25/uld10 plz tell me... itll be worth 10 points!

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  • SRT
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago
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    I had an 80 Death Knight before I deleted him... lol...

    I played Unholy there for awhile and I used this rotation:

    Icy Touch, Plague Strike, Blood Strikex2, Scourge Strike.

    I pulled off around 3.2k DPS with that spec, I don't know how well it will do these days, though. is a good site for WoW and information. There is a talent calculator there that can help you create a spec of your own.

    Source(s): 5 Year WoW Vet.
  • ?
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    a million.) A loss of existence knight desires frequently stats of a warrior (power, Crit, Hit, Stamina.) for their assaults to have a extra extra desirable result. As you stated: Blood= single purpose dps + self healing (no downtime to leveling and no choose for bandaging in raids :D) Frost = extreme burst injury + extreme injury migitation skills (for this reason being tank spec) Unholy: Non actual dps, Runic power dumping (summon gargoyle and unholy blight) , and team magic injury migitation (Anti-magic Zone) 2.)Any of those specs will tutor super value, as all of them nonetheless have a extreme injury Output, and function tanking capabilites, yet in simple terms a categories of dps. As for what spec you're able to desire to circulate, in simple terms try them out for your self, and parent which one will you're taking to your liking. Thats how i figured what spec i could desire to circulate as a loss of existence knight.

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