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Is there a way to tweak Intel Integrated Graphics to access Blue Mars 2150 (CryEngine)?

Please note that even though we're online every day we are not computer tech language experts - so humbly requesting an appreciation of that in any responses we may be lucky enough to receive - thank you.

Is there a way to tweak Intel Integrated Graphics (on our Toshiba laptop) in order to access Blue Mars 2150? This is a 3D world with gaming specs requirements & it runs via the CryEngine platform.

Maybe there is something we have not though of or found yet?:

Our laptop has Intel Integrated graphics & no dedicated video graphics memory. It's all shared. We got the available video memory up a little (in MB ) by increasing the overall system memory. And using an emulator allowed us to load the program's login screen - which we could not do at all before using the emulator. But after logging in it lags for about 30 to 60 seconds and then crashes.

We looked for external options, too. But the only external graphics card system for laptops that we were able to track down (the ViDock) is not compatible with the Intel brand graphics chip set (945GM Chip Set Family).

Where things stand now:

We're trying to nail down just how much the motherboard can handle so we can know if it's okay to up the system memory again. This information is not readily available in the manual or elsewhere that we can find. Posts in forums are not in agreement on a final answer. If we can raise the amount of Available Video Memory we're hoping the emulator will help get us the rest of the way in effectively. Because we have only 256MB of Available Video Memory and we need at least double that amount to access Blue Mars successfully. Unless there are other helpful tweaks we haven't discovered than can help.

If we can't do this we'll have to buy a new computer to access this 3-D world. Here is the computer info:

Toshiba Satellite Laptop A135-4527

Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit

Intel dual Core CPU T2080 1.73GHz


Free Space: 28GB

Intel 945GM Express Integrated Chip Set

Available Graphics Memory: 256 MB

Dedicated Video Memory: 0 MB

System Video Memory: 64 MB

Shared System Memory: 190 MB


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I think the 32 bit sytems can access only 4 gb of RAM

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