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I want to know the distance from various universties to LONDON?? Also, travelling times please..?

Distance and time from:

Birmingham Uni to Central London/Ilford

Royal Holloway Uni to Central London/Ilford

Warwick Uni to Central London/Ilford

Cambridge Uni to Central London/Ilford

East Anglia Uni to Central London/Ilford

By car or train.

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    I'll give you the train journey times from the nearest stations to these universities to and from London. As to the distance they are from the station this will be on their websites.

    Birmingham New Street to London Euston Virgin Trains run every 20 minutes and take 84 minutes.

    Birmingham Snow Hill/Moor Street to London Marylebone Chiltern Railways every 30 minutes and take 2 hours 10 minutes

    Royal Holloway College - Bus to Egham then South West Trains to London Waterloo every 30 minutes. Takes 35 minutes.

    Warwick to London Marylebone Chiltern Railways. Takes 1 hour 35 minutes. every 30 minutes

    Cambridge to London Kings Cross First Capital Connect Trains every 30 minutes. Takes 45 minutes

    or National Express East Anglia Trains to Liverpool Street (75 minutes but more convenient for change for Ilford)

    East Anglia Uni Norwich NationalExpress East Anglia train to Stratford 1 hour 40 minutes and change there for Ilford

    Birmingham is 120 miles from London, Royal Holloway (Egham) 22 miles, Warwick 100 miles, Cambridge 55 miles, Norwich 110 miles.

    Suburban trains to Ilford depart from London Liverpool Street Station, are very frequent and the journey takes a few minutes. You can use the Underground to connect from other main line stations to Liverpool Street. You can buy a 16-25 railcard to give you a 34% discount on your rail journeys and for the longer journeys, tickets booked in advance are cheaper.

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    There is a bit of a problem with the question.

    Central London and Ilford are about 7 miles apart.

    Cambridge to Ilford is on a direct train line (about 80 mins - it depends on the time of day)

    Royal Holloway has campuses (is that really the plural?) all over extensive areas in places that are almost in London.The main ones are somewhere in Surrey. I don't know if they still have any site in Holloway at all.

    If you drive then Warwick to London is great - an hour or so straight down the M40. Unfortunately getting from the Shepard's Bush roundabout to Ilford will probably take 2 - 3 more hours.

    Norwich (East Anglia) to central London is about 2 hours on a fast train

    Source(s): Travelling places and owning a map and train timetable.
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    Birmingham and Warwick are about 90 minutes drive

    Cambridge is just under one hour drive

    Royal Holloway by car is about 30 minutes ( London traffic)

    East Anglia 90 minutes maybe a bit more.

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