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Will any tripod fit my camera?

I just got a Nikon D5000 and I wanna know if any tripod will fit. Or what do you guys recommend me?



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    The one thing camera manufacturers got right was agreeing on a standard 1/4-20 thread for 35mm and digital camera tripod attachments.

    There are numerous good tripods available. Slik, Benro, Manfrotto, Velbon, Gittos, Gitzo. Then you (usually) have to choose a head - ball or 3-way tilt/pan. A visit to a camera store will help with your selection.

    Don't go into shock when you see the prices associated with good quality tripods. Just remember: "Quality doesn't cost, it pays." A quality tripod, with reasonable care, will outlast you. If a part fails you can get a replacement. I use a beat up old Slik I've owned for about 35 years. It isn't pretty but it gets the job done.

    Make sure the tripod "fits" you. If you're 6' tall and the tripod only extends to 5' you'll either have to bend down to look through the viewfinder or you'll have to raise the center column. I caution against raising the center column more than a couple of inches.


    Because if you fully extend the center column you create what's called a "moment arm" and your camera and lens aren't stable. Think of it in this way: There is a heavy door mounted on stiff hinges. If you try opening the door by pushing on it close to the hinges it requires a lot of effort - if you can even open it. Now try pushing on the door as far away from the hinges as possible. It opens easily.

    When the center column of your tripod is as far down as it can go, your camera and lens are very stable. If, instead, they are sitting on top of that slender center column fully extended they are more vulnerable to movement caused by even a slight breeze. So extend the center column only as much as needed and then only a couple of inches.

    Happy shopping!

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