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急!! 翻譯教師節卡片內容...




謝謝!! 有兩封要翻譯...不好意思囉@@"..

ps 不要用網頁翻譯的喔..



每個禮拜 我最期待就是你的課了


每次上妳的課 都很開心呢!!

我很開心 能被你教到唷!!

未來 也要請你多多指教啦~

祝福妳 教師節快樂: )



我是ooo的學生..114的學生 ( 下課去跟你要MAIL的學生^^)



可是我相信 之後還是有機會被你教到的~!!



9/28 是台灣的教師節....

祝福你 教師節快樂^0^


114 是班級喔... OOO則是老師的名字^^"..

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    Dear Teacher:

    Your class is the most expect one for me in a week.

    It's because you are a lovely,interesting teacher.

    For me,there are always full of fun and happiness in your courses.

    I'm so happy to be your student.

    I hope we will have a good time during the class in the future.


    Dear Teacher:

    I'm one of ooo's students.I'm in 114......(The one who ask for your MAIL after class)

    I'm so happy to meet you!

    Although we have only two classes,I believe there must be more

    chances for me to be tought by the greatest teacher-you.

    You're a excellent teacher that I have never meet.

    Expecting for your teaching!

    ps.9.28 is the Teachers' Day in Taiwan.

    I wish you a Happy Teachers' Day.

    yours', 你的姓名

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    wth...不知道哪個是最好的答案的話就請你讓人投票好嗎?? "大家答案都很棒!!!" <---最好是!!! 你根本就看不懂大家的回答所以才會這樣寫. 魔法~緣's answer doesnt make any sense!! free_blackbird的回答才是正確的



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    Dear teachers

    Each week I most anticipated that was your class, because you were one lovable interesting good teacher!!

    On your class is very each time happy!!

    I very happy can teach by you!!

    In the future must ask you very much to advise ~

    Prays for heavenly blessing you to be teachers' day joyful: )


    Dear teachers I am the ooo student. .114 students (finish class want MAIL with you student ^^) very happily to be able to know teacher you oh ^^

    Time which is taught by you only then short two classes, but I believed, has the opportunity ~ which is taught by you!!

    You are a very good good teacher!!

    Also anticipated that could teach again next time by you oh ^_^!!

    9/28 is Taiwan's teachers' day….

    Prays for heavenly blessing you teachers' day joyful ^0^

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    Dear _________ (Mr. or Ms. something),

    Your lessons are always the ones I look forward to the most every week. The reason is because you are such a cute and interesting teacher!! Sitting your lessons and learning from you has always been enjoyable and I hope that I will continue to learn more from you in the future.

    I wish you a Happy Teachers' Day. :)

    cute 可能會有點輕佻。慎用。可改為lovely或nice.


    Dear __________,

    I am a student in/from ooo. I am a student in/from ..114. (The student who asked you for mail after class ^^)

    I am really happy to get the chance to know you ^^

    Though you have only taught me for two lectures, I believe that I will continue to learn from you somehow in the future.

    You are a great teacher and I look forward to learning from you again.

    9/28 is Taiwan's Teachers' Day.

    I wish a Happy Teachers' Day ^0^

    要知到ooo和..114是甚麼才能回你的問題。ooo 是個人?是一個地方?是一個團體?這兩句會因ooo和..114是甚麼而改變。

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