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Is a Metropolitan park a "city" park or is it private?

For example:

Is that a city park and thereby subject to Washington state laws that govern public places and facilities per RCW 9.41.290?


If it is a city park, then it is held by state laws...

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    It looks to be a "County" or district park.

    Read this from the site. (Like read it it there too.

    "3. "Eastmont Metropolitan Parks District" shall mean the area included within the boundaries incorporated by the Douglas County Commissioners for the purpose of taxing property within said boundaries for maintenance and operation of the service area parks and pool (hereafter called E.M.P.D.).

    4. "Eastmont Metropolitan Parks District Board" shall mean the governing body of the Eastmont Metropolitan Parks District made up by elected officials (hereafter called the E.M.P.D. Board)."

    It is not privately owned in the way I read it.

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    It looks public,.

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