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Good bike for college student for less than $150?

looking for a bike for riding around campus for about $150. i'm a girl about 5'6. i need to buy it in stores.

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    $150 will NOT buy you a new bicycle. Any new bike sold for under $150 is going to fall to pieces within 6 months and you'll spend more time untangling the chain than riding.

    If you want a new bike you'll need at least $500, anything less is a mistake.

    Do you know anyone on campus who knows how to fix up bicycles? Maybe there's a workshop in the college where you could go and ask for help buying a secondhand bike - I'm sure there are a few amateur bicycle mechanics on campus.

    For $150 you can buy a very good quality older bicycle that might need some simple maintenance to put it back into perfect working order; very often all a bike needs is a new set of brake pads or a re-tightened chain.

    Look for a bike that doesn't need new parts; if you have to buy new tyres, new inner tubes, new chain, new pads, new cables, new saddle, new bearings - you get the idea - you might as well buy a new bike.

    Do you have any particular kind of bike in mind?

    I'm a fan of hub gear bikes since I'm not concerned about speed but you might prefer derailleur gears - derailleur bikes are usually cheaper and there is a wider range to choose from.

    Browse the internet for comfort bicycles, classic bicycles, town & country bicycles, cruisers and shoppers; something will catch your eye and then you can look for one pre-owned for a fraction of the price.

    Princess Classic:


    Felt Cruiser:


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    If you really have to buy it in stores. just go to Target or better..walmart. for that price. But the very best way is to go to craigslist.com. you just need to be very patient. I bought a good robinson BMX racing bike for $100. and this bike retails around $600-$900 classic racer. I also bought this http://www.marinbikes.com/bicycles_2005/html/bikes... 4 weeks ago for $250. and this retails more than $1200. it took me about 2 weeks checking craigslist everyday until I finally found one (or in my case 2) that I wanted. Used bike is just as good as a new one. new one will get old anyway. You will definitely find a VERY GOOD and CHEAP one there!

    You probably would want a street or mountain bike. you will definitely find a lot there. good luck.

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    Do not buy a bike from a mass retailer like acadamy sports, dick's, or wal mart. These are not good bikes. You can get a good bike used for $150 on craigslist.org, or ebay.com

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