Can you help me find the title of this Lifetime Original Movie?

A friend and I are trying to remember the name of this movie. All we remember is a little boy about 3/4 begs to sleep with his wooden horse that is a pull toy, the next morning his mother discovers he was strangled by the rope that pulled the toy in his sleep. They move and now the boy haunts his sister. I remember one scene where the little girl tries to jump from the top level of the barn because her brother (dead) said she can fly and dying doesn't hurt. This movie has been stuck in both of our heads, anyone know the title?



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    Reunion (1994 TV movie)

    starring Marlo Thomas, Peter Strauss, Frances Sternhagen, Leelee Sobieski, Victor Slezak, Susan Kellermann

    IMDb review:

    Jessie Yates and husband Sam have three children, the youngest of whom, Jamie, almost dies at birth. Later, he perishes in a tragic accident, strangled by the rope on his favorite toy, which he had in his crib. Directed by actress Lee Grant, "Reunion" shows how one family deals or attempts to deal with the death of a child~one who makes ghostly appearances witnessed at first by Jessie then by one of the children. The script manages to tiptoe, then jump, into a dramatic and ghostly thriller wherein an angst-filled woman becomes tempted to cross over to the other side of reality. Or, is it insanity?

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    oh my gosh thank you!!!!!!! ive been looking for this for YEARS!

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