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What is your opinion of Qaddafi and Chavez' remarks about Obama?

They were both qouted as saying they like Obama.

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    They love him, because Obama hates and blames America exactly like they do....I'm disgusted and fed up.

    This "change" should have been questioned during the campaign. Change TO WHAT? To something that resembles Cuba? Venezuela? Iran?

    But this President was never scrutinized. He was never vetted. Hell, he wasn't even ever questioned.

    He stated "we are five days away from fundamentally transforming America" Transforming us into what? Nobody asked, instead they asked what garanimals Michelle liked the very best.....its sickeningly immature, but thats what the media is - a bunch of parrots for Obama.

    ABC, CNBC, MSNBC, CNN - they all are in contact with the White House who TELLS them what to report to you.

    If it weren't for radio programs and Fox news on Cable, we wouldn't know anything at all.....and Obama is working hard at the task of dismantling them because he knows they are the only thing that is holding up his radical agenda.

    Ahmadinejad announced to his people today that "Obama agrees with me about America; I was right".

    Do you know who else agrees with Obama? Osama Bin Laden, Hezzbulah (spelling?), Hamas. Jimmy Carter is out here telling us we are all racists if we oppose Obama -


    If this isn't enough to make you lose your lunch, we see

    a friend of Obama's who is a teacher and who CHANGED THE WORDS OF THE BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC to "we praise Obama...mmm mm mmmm".

    Not enough for you? Today John Kerry announced that the public WILL NOT be allowed to view the healthcare reform bill until AFTER IT IS PASSED INTO LAW, because the public would never be able to understand it..WE UNDERSTOOD THE LAST ONE EVEN THOUGH CONGRESS DIDN'T.

    Things are getting worse by the day. If every single American, democrat AND republicans AND independants don't stand up and stand against this crap, there won't be any America to biitch about anymore.

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    of course they like obama, obama is part of the most powerful manipulative and controlling system in the world it is in their best interest to like obama. If chaves wants to go forward with his plans he's going to have to kiss a couple of behinds in this case Obama.

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    This is not much of a recommendation~~but you know

    never want to get into a p!ssing contest with a skunk

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    Hugo has been evaluated for some years, besides as different "cult of character" self proclaimed leaders of the masses that seem world extensive. the international of poli/sci, sociology & psychology omit little, somewhat on the fed point, the place info is fed into analytical storage banks for persistent assessment. The previous due dictator Adolf Hitler replaced into in all probability the 1st "cult of character" personage that went decrease than the hot age microscope comments. Adolf replaced into drawing international interest via the mid 1920's & via 1928 a important determination of archives containing info, figures & conclusions replaced into interior the making in England, Russia , usa & a bunch of different international locations. via 1933 Adolf replaced into close to or on the coolest of analytical study being performed via employed "professionals" with interior the fields suggested above. In right this moment's international the "info" is being fed constantly into archives banks on Hugo in basic terms like Hitler & Castro have been scrutinized. From an amateurs place, i might make an assessment that the attention starved megalomaniac H. Chavez has in all probability fallen into the former Fidel Castro class. of direction his class can & will replace with time. experience the time of Adolf Hitler scientific & different fields of professionals have been busy comparing "potential threats" concerning to self proclaimed leaders & or cults of character. Chavez, have confidence me is truthfully DOCUMENTED, like professionals recognize extra approximately Hugo than Hugo is familiar with approximately himself! damaging how private info is so definitely obtainable to others approximately anybody. President Obama is sending the indicators he's instructed to deliver, in basic terms like GWB did. "THE" republOCRATIC occasion has long been bought & paid for. international monies made helpful of that. in need of Ron Paul & or different third occasion applicants alongside with Chuck 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley, little if something could be envisioned for Americas destiny yet extra of an identical. till the yankee constituency can recover from "THE" republOCRATIC hurdle & choose Constitutionally based third occasion REPRESENTATIVES of & for the individuals, they are going to be caught with an identical repulOCRATIC politicians(magicians!) they are straddled with now.

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    Yes, and I bet Stalin and Marx would be proud too...too bad they had to be born in different generations.

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    This is nothing new. The evil doers love Obama ... ALOT.

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    Three evil bastards... hmmm. Lets see what disaster obamba will get us in now.

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    2 loons like an egomaniac, groovy.

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    The were trying to imply he was a friend and on their side. Maybe they want some kind of aid.*

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