Is sugar Gluten free?

Is sugar gluten free?

And what about yogurt?

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My daughter has issues with gas and my husband is tired alot and has alot of muscle aches and tingling in his hands and feet. So we're going gluten free to see if this helps. My main questions are is sugar gluten free and will I have to switch out my spice cabinet?

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    I was sick with constant increasing tiredness and diagnosed with chronic fatigue before I was diagnosed to be gluten and casein intolerant.

    Since removing gluten and dairy from my diet in late 2007, I have been improving to the point that I have completed a 20 km, grade 4 (hard) tramping track and have climbed to the crater of a 2,518m volcanic mountain. (8,261 feet). Both those grade 4 trips took 11 hours to complete, but I still had energy left at the end of the day!

    By not watching what I was eating, I had a handful of flavoured chips at a friend's home. The Casein on that handful of sour cream and chives flavoured chips made me very tired within 20 minutes and lasted 3 days! I was tired, dizzy and felt unwell.

    It is worth getting your family checked for food intolerances before going fully onto the gluten free foods.

    See an Intergrative Doctor if you can find one. They understand Natural health, Nutrition and Medicine and successfully combine natural and conventional health care to give total care.

    Pure sugar from the sugar cane is gluten free.

    When sugar is processed into icing sugar you have to watch it as the anti-caking, free flowing agents contain wheat.

    You will also have to watch thickening agents, sauces, soy sauce (switch to Tamari), nearly everything needs to be carefully checked!

    You will be better off switching from sugar to honey as sugar depresses the immune system and encourages the growth of candida and the "unhealthy" bacterias, but honey supports the immune system and the good bacteria but does not support the unhealthy bacteria and candida very well.

    Anti-caking agents contain wheat, so check your herbs and spices... particularly the ground ones, and try and get the ones which do not have the "contain wheat products" warning.

    With something like Corriander or Cumin, you may have to buy the whole seed and grind it in a coffee grinder if you cant find one that is free of wheat.

    You will find most processed foods that come pre-prepared, pre-packaged will contain either gluten or dairy. They are also loaded with sugar!

    Glutinous rice does not contain gluten.

    Corn does not contain gluten,

    Rice, Millet, Quinoa and buckwheat, are naturally gluten free.

    Oats has a type of gluten that is not as severe as the wheat gluten. Some people on gluten free diets can tolerate small infrequent use of oat. I use it infrequently.

    Yoghurt can be bought as gluten free and lactose free.

    It was a gluten and lactose free yoghurt that helped us discover the casein intolerance. I reacted to it severely and we pinpointed the casein as the problem.

    Pre packaged yoghurts contain sugar.

    The sugar/milk combination is not very healthy. It increases the production of mucus and while sugar depresses the immune system, milk prolongs the depression time span.

    Good luck in finding the cause for your family's health problems. I sincerely sugggest you see an Integrative Dr and have the food intolerances tested for and go from there...

    here is to health!

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    Is Sugar Gluten Free

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    As a raw material, pure sugar is gluten free, However, nothing should be presumed gluten free unless its certified by an organization like Celiac Sprue Association. The biggest risk for gluten exposure is from cross contamination. For example, if sugar is processed and packaged in a factory where wheat is also processed, you could have a tremendous amount of gluten contamination even though its not included on the ingredients list. Contact the company and ask for a gluten free labratory certification. If a company doesnt submit their product for gluten free testing (only costs $250), then I would be suspicious.


    Much of your information is inaccurate. I hope you are working with a dietitian to help you structure a suitable diet for your needs.

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    Sugar is gluten free. Most yogurts are gluten free especially the plain ones. As far as your spice cabinet goes, the plain spices will be gluten free but you will have to look at the ingredients if you use seasoning mixes. Steak sauces and soy sauce are usually going to have something containing gluten in them.

    I will add a list of websites for you and if you want to find a recipe online, then search gluten free (recipe you want) and you should get one along with comments and ideas for improvements.

    Good luck with the diet!

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    Sugar should be gluten free, though some of the darker ones are sometimes colored with gluten-derived coloring. So check the label if buying brown sugar.

    Yogurt is naturally gluten free, but low fat varieties are often thickened with gluten to prevent them being watery, so check the label.

    I've read that spices are often bulked up with flour, but if your spices are of good quality, you should be fine. Check the label.

    You will have noticed that I say "check the label" in every case, and this must be your mantra: "Check the label of every pack every time you buy" because manufacturers frequently change the recipe of products, and unless there's a very noticeable difference in the taste or texture of the product, they won't mention it on the front of the pack, but it will show up in the ingredients.

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    yes they are both gluten free.

    Gluten comes from wheat, rye, oats and barley and from glutinous rice.

    When you buy sauces like soy sauce for instance, read the labels because as I've learned, there are often wheat and barely in many sauces that I've never even thought of.

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    Sugar is gluten free, but is is often combined with other ingredients that are not.

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    Rice and corn ARE gluten free for the record.

    And yes, sugar is as well.

    Beware of sugar mixes such as powdered sugar and brown sugar, its not common, but it occasionaley has wheat.

    You will need to look at your spices. Mixes like johnnys seasoning and taco seasoning, etc generally need to go.

    Salt, pepper, plain herbs, etc can stay.

    Beware of baking soda. Chances are its contaminated through baking and using the same measuring spoon you used for measuring glutinous foods and then dipped it in the powder/soda.

    Email me from my profile if you want any extra help!

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