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What is the average pressure/temperature guage reading for a cgi gas boiler?

I was told that it should be between 18-21 and mine is at 40.


Levowen thx. I just had the expansion tank and pressure reducing valve replaced due to the tank was leaking water. The plumber informed me of the guage problem. I am now waiting to see what PSEG says since the pressure/temperature guage should be covered under warranty.

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    I'm assuming that's the pressure you're talking about.

    yes most systems run 18-21. if it's at forty and you don't have any water running out of the safety relief valve then there is the possibility you have 2 problems.

    #1 I don't know what you're system pressure should be. 40 psi sounds High though. 40 kpa sounds very low. pressure should be roughly 18 psi when cold and 25-28 psi when at full temperature. If the pressure does turn out to be high. Then the water feeder Pressure reducing valve is the likely culprit.

    #2 If infact the pressure truly is too high. The second problem is that your pressure relief valve should have dumped water on the floor (or possibly its piped to your drain.) If the pressure is higher than the rating on your relief valve then it has to be replaced.

    #3 A third and remote possibility is that the pressure gauge is no good.

    (I've just found the manual for your boiler in my truck and found that the boiler comes standard with a 30 psi relief valve however the boiler is good for 50 psi. If you look on the relief valve it should be stamped on it what pressure it is set for.)

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