How come republican support lags when it comes to providing financial aid to students?

253 Democrats voted - YES

171 Republicans voted - NO

House Vote 719 - H.R.3221: On Passage Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009


BillD: And that's why the republicans are doomed to fail again and again. Americans need help!!

Update 2:

Easy: Its amazing how corporate welfare is ok, but helping struggling Americans is a

Silly republicans....

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    wow student loans are BAD? and this is bad because it cuts out the banks as the middle man, reducing costs to both the students and the government?

    Loans are by definition money that is given and then is paid back with interest. The default rate on student loans is about 6.7% so a vast majority are paying back the loans with interest to the government. They are not getting something for nothing....they are taking a loan from the government just like those that get FHA or VA loans for housing do.

    This bill also designated money to repair grammar and secondary schools, improve community colleges and guaranteed that ALL materials used in the repairing of grammar and secondary schools would ONLY be from American sources.

  • Deb M
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    1 decade ago

    Hmm...seems what I read about the would do away with the private lenders and loans would come directly from the Federal government. Most likely, the republicans voted no because the middle man would lose perks by being taken out of the process.

    Below is the link that explains the bill...

    Ending the subsidization program would save the government $87 billion over ten years. The Act ensures that interest rates on student loans remain affordable. Additionally, the legislation increases the maximum Pell Grant, a need-based grant designed for lower-income students, from $5,350 in 2009 to $5,550 in 2010 and $6,900 in 2019.

    Well...this explains it, I copied this from the link! Most interesting!

    Although a college education is increasingly a prerequisite for a middle-class standard of living, current and aspiring middle-class students and their families are struggling more than ever to afford college. A massive $87 billion subsidy to private companies that make student loans did little to promote affordability. It makes sense for the federal government to eliminate this waste by expanding its Direct Loan program, which is already serving as an effective lender for an increasing number of students as the credit crisis continues to threaten the market for private student loans.

    Republicans are a real piece of work reading through that...we would save billions. And more money would be available for education!

    What are these people thinking?

    BTW, love your link! Thanks!

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    There are a lot of reasons for politicians of varying political backgrounds to vote no on a particular bill, despite what the name of the bill might be.

    Honestly, I haven't read the full text of this bill, but it may have verbiage in it that they don't agree with, independent from the concept. For example, it might be called the "Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009", but it might include a provision for funding illegal immigrants, or a provision for funding felons. It's important to not pass judgment until you know all of the details of what's in the bill.

    For what it's worth, I tried giving it a read, but since it's an amendment, most of what's there just points back to the original bill's various sections and paragraphs.


    For the record, I'm a huge proponent of education, and believe that our government should be doing all it can to guarantee all of our citizens an excellent education. I'm not saying they were right to vote against it, I'm just saying there are often lots of hidden reasons why bills don't pass.

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    I think what all of you are not looking at is the TYPE of education that we are paying for and the DROP OUT rate of college students. It's a waste of hard earned money. Some of the subjects chosen by the students are worthless to a future job for them.

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  • 4 years ago

    i wish i did not have to take out student loans to cover extra cost of schooling that grants do not pay for.i have seen illegals get so much scholarships and grants that it makes me sick.then they have cars better looking than me and my husbands,and he works a million hours a week.then i hate when i see them at stores with their food stamps,and not knowing much english and a mexico driver license.their id is prolly expired and the government still gives them freebies.i do not get things illegally and your get your whole family cared for from every little thing that you need,and all the taxpayers foot the bill.i do not understand the laws at all on illegals.why have any if they will be ignored?

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    there is an abundance of money available for students, so much money that the cost of education continues to raise because the demand is so great, do that math and you'll see, so what happens is that the people that most want to go to school have to pay exponentially greater amount than they would if there was less federal money available, even money available to people that are not as seriously interested in getting an education, sort of like the mortgage crisis we just faced

    Source(s): I know it sounds complicated but if you continue to research the subject you will come to the conclusion that makes sense
  • Actually all you need to look at is the simplest answer. Republicans do not want an educated electorate.

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    1 decade ago

    The federal government should not be providing loan money to people at taxpayers expense.

  • 1 decade ago

    Because Republicans believe that people should be supporting themselves and not stealing money from their fellow taxpayers to pay for their wants.


  • Why should the Republican party be liable to pay for your education? Get your own loan then.

    Oh, please tell me who paid for Obama's education since he has spent 1.8 million dollars to keep it covered up.

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