I need a WV drivers license. I was required to have an SR-22 in Texas!!?

Sinse I'm in a different state, do I still need to worry about all of that. Texas DPS said " Some states do, and some don't" Anyone know???

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    An SR-22 insurance policy is a certificate of insurance that shows the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) proof of insurance for the future, as required by law. SR-22 insurance is not necessarily "high risk" insurance. It is motor vehicle liability insurance which requires the insurance company to certify coverage to DPS, and the insurance company must notify DPS anytime the policy is canceled, terminated or lapses.

    Since you are moving out of Texas and into WV you will have to contact insurance companies in WV and ask if you are required to have the SR-22 insurance there. You should also contact the DPS or DOT to verify the information you receive from the insurance company in WV is correct. I don't know why you, specifically, have SR-22, but it is most common as a result of a suspended license, revoked license, DUI and/or multiple lapses in insurance coverage. SR-22 insurance is a way to essentially guarantee insurance on a vehicle.

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    What's an SR-22? It's a local Texas thing, it sounds like, and West Virginia doesn't need it. They may have something similar, though.

    Virtually all states require proof of insurance, but I'd follow the advice of the one below who says she's in WV. Take what she says AND proof of insurance and you'll be well prepared.

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    You don't need SR22.

    Before you even go to the DMV in West Virginia, make sure you have:

    1. Your birth certificate, must be certified copy with the raised seal

    2. Two proofs of residence (utility bill in your name, mortgage or rental agreement, etc)

    3. Your valid social security card

    4. legal documents supporting any name change since birth name

    none of these can be copies, all must be originals

    I live in WV

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    uhmm i livee in WV & ive never heardd of a SR-22 & i havee my license soo im gonna sayy nooo ? lol.

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