stronger: wolverine's adamantium claws or hulk's bones?

well we all know that hulk cant withstand being attacked by wolverine's claws from the marvel dvd hulk vs. and comics so answer this. can wolverine kill the hulk(not bruce banner)?

i believe that wolverine would be able to defeat him by decapitation as long as he doesn't get really, really, REALLY strong since hulk's bones would most likely begin to get denser and harder to cut.

also keep in mind that wolverine's adamantium laced bones are always at their peak. ALWAYS. hulk has to obtain his peak through anger. so what's your answer.

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    1 decade ago
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    I think it might be difficult for Wolverine to chop through the Hulk. In many cases we see Wolverine can "stab" through almost any object, and this makes sense in terms of real world physics. A bullet proof vest will not stop a stabbing knife. This is because there is a very strong and constant force behind the tiny tip. The tiny size of the tip means more pounds per square inch. In the case of a cutting weapon the physics are much different than stabbing. The entire length of the blade is now creating friction as opposed to just the tip. You should also keep in mind that Wolverine does not posses the strength required to cut through objects that are both thick and incredibly dense (like the Hulk's neck). He is relatively weak in terms of physical strength when compared to other superheros (only in terms of shear strength). As wolverine cuts through the Hulk's super dense flesh, his blades will slow down as they encounter more friction. Keep in mind that Wolverine's claws are depicted as razor sharp at the blade edge, but the get wider as they go backwards (much like a samurai sword). This width is where the friction comes into play. If wolverine's claws created no friction he could easily cut through anything, but since they get wider as they go back they will create friction which will slow down the stroke. He might not even be able to cut to the bone because the Hulk's super dense flesh would slow the blades.

    If marvel ever decided to give wolverine a significant strength boost, then he could probably do what you are talking about. Until that day I don't see it happening.

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    4 years ago

    Wolverine would kick his butt. Batman is not nearly as quick as Wolverine. Batman may be able to "out-think" Wolverine, but he'd never manage to survive even a single attack. Wolverine would be able to sneak up on Batman without a problem, but I doubt the other opposite be possible. As far as laying a trap, similar to how Batman had done for Wolverine, it would never work. Wolverine has never had the same morals. He believes the death of a few for the overall good is satisfactory. So, it comes down to "what kind of damage could Batman do to Wolverine"? With the unbreakable bones, and his healing factor, I'd have to say none.

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    Interesting question. I agree with you. Wolverine should be able to defeat Hulk because his bones are at their peak constantly. Plus Wolvie is way more agile and knows fighting styles to confound Hulk and just avoid his strength advantages.

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    Wolverine Adamantium Claws, Adamantium is unbreakable, the only one that can break it is omnipotents

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