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Baseball Fanatics this question is for you (Dodgers to be specific)?

So, I'm going to the Dodgers' game on Oct. 02 and don't really know much about Baseball.

I would like someone to sum up most of the important information for me. This will allow me to enjoy the game, be able to follow along and most importantly have a good time with my boyfriend and his family. I don't have to become an expert in a minute. Just give me some pointers and useful information. Is there any cultural aspects? Any chantings or traditions? Also, who are the best players on the Dodgers? All useful information is welcomed. Thanks!


So far so good... I'm learning a lot! I just wanted to add that I will be sitting at the "All-you-can-eat" section. Any info on that also would be helpful.

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    Dodger Stadium does have a certain culture of its own, but it's not like in Japan or Europe where the whole crowd will engage in group chants or songs. At some point, the crowd will likely do "the Wave" and you'll probably see people bouncing beach balls through the stands.

    There are certain "fan institutions" such as the foot-long "Dodger Dog" .. most fans also know Nancy Bea Hefly, the Stadium organist for the last few decades and Vin Scully, the iconic team announcer.

    The story about this year's team is one of contrasts: There is a young core of players in their early 20s who are emerging as stars. #16 Andre Ethier is smooth and has a knack for the dramatic hit...according to my female friends, he is also emerging as the team's "heart throb." #27 Matt Kemp is growing into one of the game's most exciting players...he has incredible athletic ability, but is also prone to making youthful mistakes.

    Complimenting them is a supporting cast of hard-working veteran players. The "Wild Card" in the mix is Manny Ramirez, who is in his second year with the team after a long and storied career in Cleveland and Boston. Manny is arguably one of the best pure hitters in Baseball, but his personality has been described at best as "goofy" and at worst as "selfish and cancerous to team spirit."

    Holding this team together is their Manager, Joe Torre, also in his second year with the team. Torre managed the Yankees to six Championships and is one of the most respected managers in the game.

    There are a couple sub-plots going on as well: The Rockies are currently in second place behind the Dodgers. Although it seems unlikely that they will overtake LA for the lead, they are still plenty motivated to beat up on them. Colorado's manager Jim Tracy was the Dodger manager fired when the team changed ownership several years ago. Also, the Dodgers currently have the best record in the League by only two games...the team with the best record will have home-field advantage in the upcoming playoffs ... Like most teams, the Dodgers play much better at home so they desperately want to maintain that margin.

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    The Dogers lead their division by 6 games, so they are pretty much already in the playoffs

    Manny Ramirez #99 hes got the sweet hair hes usually in left field

    Matt Kemp #27 hes really good too hes also in the outfield

    Andre Ethier #16 is good too also in the outfield

    James Loney #7 is also good hes at first base

    Casey Blake #23 is decnet too he'll be at third base

    but the main one you should know are Manny Ramirez and Matt Kemp

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    This sums up the Dodgers very well, and I got it from Carnac.The answer is, Catch 22.The question is, what would the Dodgers do if you hit them 100 pop flies.

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    pretty much this is all you need to know. 3 strikes your out four balls and you get a free pass to first base three outs an inning and if the ball goes over the fence it is a home run which means the batter and every one on base score, the best players are chad billingsley manny ramirez and rafael furcal. and traditions if the ump calls a ball on the other team and it looks like a strike everyone boos vise versa for your team. and everyone knows the wave

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    I believe Kirby Puckett is the unequaled player.

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    matt kemp

    manny ramirez

    casey blake

    jim thome

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