what is the strongest fishing knot to use for saltwater fishing?

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    College Boy,

    I don't saltwater fish but I do a lot of freshwater fishing, and the strongest knot I have found is the Palomar knot. It doesn't take TOO long to tie it, but if you have bad eye sight or your using small hooks or lures, you can't really fit your line through the eye easy. (With the Palomar, you actually kind of "bend" the line and make it so that it's a "loop", and you stick the "loop" through the hook eye.) Here's the link to how to tie a Palomar knot ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiDDdW22X9k

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    For small fish I would much much prefer a Clinch knot. Link to how to tie a Clinch knot ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zn0sy9KxvEQ

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    Strongest Fishing Knots

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    The Alpine Butterfly Knot is the strongest fishing knot. It is very quick and easy to tie and has wide application. It can take a load in any of three different directions, which makes it more versatile than some other loops.

    The Alpine Butterfly knot has uses which extend from joining tackle to lines to forming rope ladders, harnesses and for hoisting and lowering equipment and the like.

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    In fresh or saltwater the two strongest knots would be the Palomar Knot & the Improved Clinch.

    Those two knots are excellent for tieing knots to hooks and swivels.

    Bimini Twist, Surgeons Knot & Blood Knot are all good knots for connecting leaders.

    Here's a website with good knot info- http://www.animatedknots.com/knotlist.php?LogoImag...

    Hope this helps ya?

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    I used the Palomar knot for years with great results. However, I finally did a "head-to head" test of it against several other knots, and it came in second. Since then I've used the Trilene knot exclusively.

    To do this, you take a piece of line, 3 or 4 feet long, and tie each end to something like a large sinker, with two different knots (the Palomar knot on one, and the Trilene knot on the other).

    Then you pull until one breaks, clip off the line and retie both knots and do it again.

    I did this with 20 and 30 pound line, several times with each pair of knots. The Trilene knot won (beating the Palomar 8 out of 10, and beating all others (improved clinch, San Diego knot, etc) ALL the time.

    So learn how to tie all the knots people have mentioned in these answers, and do your own tests, using the strength and brand of line you're going to be fishing with, and pick the one you tie the strongest.

    For me, it's the Trilene knot.

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    I don't saltwater fish but I do some heavy freshwater fishing. I use a pollamer knot.

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    depends on what you want to tie on, the most common knot used to tie hooks is the locked blood not, or the snell, both knots are easy to tie. For tieing doubles i use either a bimini twist or plait. The locked blood knot retains most of the lines breaking strength. but of course any knot will be the week link, make sure your reels drag is set properly. we use many different knots on our boats http://www.truebluefishing.com.au/

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    Depends on what type of line you are using, if you are using a true braided line you will want to use a palomar knot an improved clinch can slip if using braided line. If your using mono improved clinch should work just fine. Again it also would depend on what type of presentation you are using and if using live bait or artificial lures or hooks.

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    Line to terminal gear, Tyee Knot. I'm not sure if it's on youtube. Stronger than the paramour and any other for that situation.

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    texas slipe knott,

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