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Do you like it wen your bf/gf texts when your spending time with them?

I just hate it wen my girlfriends texts wen iam spending time with her. She ignores me. Im like trying to talk to her and she just says whatever. She gets me really mad. What do you think?

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    nope i absolutely hate it..i got so fed up with it that i went off on the beginning he told me he hated it when his ex txted and ignore him so i never did...but now he does it and ignores me...obviously u guys are spending time together for a reason..his friends should come after or whatever...tell her u dont like it..and its freakin annoying....and rude non the less....

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    Well first of all that doesn't seem like the kind of girlfriend you would want, she gives you no respect doing that. The time you are with your girl should be your guyses private time. I nor my bf ever text or do anything to make it seem we don't care about each other even when texting is necessary.

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    that is really dumb and she needs to learn how to communicate and express her feelings to you in a reasonable and mature way instead of texting. Think of it in the long run, could you see yourself marrying someone that would text u when they were mad and you were there with them.... its just no bueno.

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    NO, I don't like it either. I think if someone does it too much when you are with them, it is plain rude and disrespectful, especially if they are a g/f or b/f.

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    That is very rude & immature.

    Also shows how much she really likes you.

    Sounds like she is using you and does not care about you.

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    psshhhh thats silly

    im too busy doing other things with him hahaha

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