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is there a non dry able clay that you can paint?

is there a clay that you can mold & stuff

and paint

that won't dry?

and if so what kind of paint would work?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Not exactly sure what you're asking, but oil-based based clays (polymer clays and plasticine "modeling clays") won't (can't) dry unless they're cured with heat, so I guess you could paint some of those with some kinds of paints.

    Not sure if the hardened paint would just crack if the object painted were later flexed though, which is the reason you'd want the clay not to "dry"? There are some paints that also have to be cured with heat to harden though, so I guess those would stay "wet" forever if you wanted (like Genesis paints)... would seem kind of messy though.

    You could also use an air-dry clay and even paint it, but just keep it in an air-tight container so it couldn't dry. Doesn't sound like a useful plan however.

    Again, I'm not sure what you really want, and what you have in mind:

    If you're just looking for a clay you can color but will still stay pliable (without having to close it up in an air-tight situation), you could use pre-colored *polymer* clays (some brands are Premo, Fimo, Kato, Cernit, Sculpey, etc)--just never bake the clay to harden it. Polymer clays come in various colors, or you can mix up any new color you want by mixing different colors of clay together, or by mixing oil paints or alcohol inks or some other colorants into white clay or into any color. Other things can be mixed into polymer clays too or the clays can be manipulated with specific techniques which will result in clay that looks like stone, wood, metal, turquoise, pearl, etc,etc.

    You could also use a plasticine clay ("modeling clay") which also comes in various colors (those can also be mixed together for new colors). Some brands of those are ClayToons and the high-quality Plastalina usually used for animation, plus cheaper ones like those made by RoseArt/etc for little kids.

    Plasticines can't be hardened at all (and would just melt if heated since a wax has also been added.)

    (If that isn't quite what you were asking, give more details about what you want or just ask a new question.)


    Diane B.

    Source(s): the "paints" page at my polymer clay site: .
  • 1 decade ago

    non drying clay is earth clay that uses oil as moisturizer instead of water - called plasticine or modeling clay. It comes in many colors and is used by animators to add the details which is one reason the details stand up - like eyebrows and lips. But paint hardens and will peel right off the oil surface.

    Both polyclay (PVC with solvent) and water wetted clays will dry eventually and won't do much to hold paint while soft.

  • 5 years ago

    Maybe if you added a little oil to the paint it would stick to the clay. Or you could try dyes or food colouring. If the clay doesn't dry, it is not meant to be permanent. Maybe you could appreciate the natural colour of the clay? Lots of sculptures remain in the natural colour.

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