Best free movie download site?

I have been downloading from StageVu and CineCast, but every once in a while they don't have a particular movie I might be looking for. I have only found disappointment when I have looked at other sites..they want to charge (for apparently pirated movies), or they want you to fill out questionnaires, or sometimes just register...but they never seem to actually access you to the film they are pimping...So...what I am looking for is a couple of sites that simply have the movie (and TV) they advertise like Cinecast and StageVu..Also, no torrent or p2p and Divx is the preferred format..

OH yeaH, and if you are kept awake at night worrying about the fiscal and mortal health of the movie industry ( and, for that matter, the music industry) your anguish pleas and chastisements because I couldn't care less about the long term health of those anachronisms...

But to those with a good site to sincere thanks and 10 pts...


Actually, child, my question is not at all a violation of any part of the use agreement. Intellectual property rights inside the U.S. and outside the U.S. are SIGNIFICANTLY different...and in the vast majority of the world outside the u.s. downloading intellectual property licenced in the U.S. is not illegal whatsoever and is subject only to local reciprocal agreements, of which very, very few imitate the U.S. model. In short, it is not illegal in any way whatsoever to down load U.S. intellectual property in my zip code...and if that is too much of a legalism for you, then find some more substantive footing for your objection...But, don't concern's all part of the growing experience..and in this case, change is as inevitable as tomorrow's sunrise... ..

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    I use's now called Vuze

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    1 decade ago

    Fine then....we will do it your way....

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    1 decade ago

    Don't know that you want? :(

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