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Could I get your informed your comments on this?

This involves protesters, do you think its important to know exactly what you are protesting? I have two links I would appreciate if you could view both ...then leave me your comments as to whom seems more aware of what they are protesting.

1 ST;

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Intelligent observations welcome.


Yetti then how would you explain the exact same type of comments posted here? This is not cherry picking, it is unfornately a real snap shot of what has happend to average Americans.

Update 2:

Btw, I did not thumb you down.

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    A guy who dresses up in a suit and robs a bank is no different than a gang member with his pants hanging low doing the same thing. That's my observation.

    If you gave me two videos where they both interviewed many people or just one person per video then it could be easily answered based on the individuals or individual chosen to be interviewed. Although in the second video the guy is well-spoken, well so is Obama. I don't believe he knows what he is talking about. Those are all the same talking points I have heard in the media, verbatim.

    Yeah, being informed is nice if you are going to protest, I can't disagree with that. How you are informed is important too. Doing a little research on your own is very important on both sides if you want the full truth of a subject.

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    The 9-12 Project was to protest the expansion of government on multiple fronts. Whether it be health care, spending, or other intrusions. What is unfortunate, is the government has intruded into people's lives on so many fronts the above videos appear to make the protesters seem divided. Believe me, they are not.

    Your question, I believe is intended to demean. The multiple agendas of the current Administration will be defeated. It is just a matter of time. Remember, yours is the side now trying to cut and run from Afghanistan.

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    Most of those all white teabaggers who are protesting don't have a clue. Example the woman who was asked about the out control spending who was stumped then said the bailout had no idea that the bailout was Bush's action spending and McCain was 100% behind it. The anarchist protesting the G2 summit while taking a radical stand seemed to have gone into some depth in studying the issues.

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    Yes, and most Tea Party Patriots know what they are protesting against. They may not all have the same goals, but they all protest together. I personally talked to many myself and I myself am also part of the Tea Party movement. Seems like the people they posted online they kind of cherry picked =/

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    I don't buy much into U tube easy to pick and choose and edit you make a point....from the videos you posted, the 1st one sounds less is that because they only posted the answers that sound that way, and accidently left out the ones that make sense...just like they only had one person in the second...he very well could have been the only one who had a clue there....who knows.....but as I said, you can't put much stock in You Tube easy to edit just to make a point.

    Source(s): Edit: I would have to agree that is what happens here. People will always only mention things that back up their point of view. What I really don't like, is that there are some people who actually do the research and make an opinion based on that, and there are people from both side of the isle guilty of saying they are uninformed because they just don't agree with what the other said. Just because I don't agree with many of the things Obama and the Dems are doing does not mean I don't listen to the whole things from both sides...i just means I don't agree, and you me and every one else will only mention things that back up their own respective point. We all do the "cherry picking" thing from time to time. and then again, you are correct in saying that there are many americans who don't look at the whole story and are uniformed, and those people need to just shut up, no matter what side they are on.
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    As expected, the first clip was full of folks who had no idea what they were protesting, or were protesting their own ignorance.

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    I have friends who are 9-12ers and went to DC.

    I have a brother who is at the G20 protest.

    My friends are good, decent, bright, articulate, hardworking people.

    I love my brother, but.... he hasn't had contact with reality since 1982.

    So my argument is, You Tube vids can be used by bigots (such as yourself) to support your prejudices.

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