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Viewing English Birth Records?

I would like to know if there is anywhere online where you can actually view English Birth Marriage and Death Records, the actually record not the index. Scotland has an excellent website where you can see for a fee obviously the actual certificate this is what I would like. Can anyone help?

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    Birth, marriage and death certificates for England and Wales have to be purchased from the General Register Office:- The Registrar General does not put civil registration certificates online, nor give any other website access to them, and there are restrictions on who is permitted to purchase them.

    However, the marriage entries in parish registers since 1st July 1837 are in exactly the same form as marriage certificates, they are in fact the originals of which copies were sent to the GRO, just minus the fancy paper the GRO prints certificates on. I don't know of any websites that have copies of the actual marriage registers online - usually they only have transcriptions or extracts. If you find the details of a marriage online, you can look at the marriage register on microfilm/fiche at the appropriate County Record Office in England, or at an LDS Family History Centre, and get a photocopy.

    If you ever find a birth or death certificate online it will be because someone has purchased it from the GRO and then uploaded it.

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    1 decade ago has just put a load of London marriages online, it is the image of the actual parish record and also the image of baptisms.

    There are some death records too but there are pretty lame compared to what you can get on Scotlands People.

    So far only London though and not everywhere in London either since there are still plenty that I haven't found.

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    I don't believe that England has any of these records online. Some of the parish records may be available but it is a hit or miss project.

    You need to take the information from the index and request the records from the approriate county or city registry and pay the fee for a copy to be provided to you.

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    Birth Records Search Database :

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    UK Answer No sorry only the index's can be viewed on line, you need to obtain the relevant certificate to get the details.

    Hope this helps

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  • marra
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    As others have mentioned you are able to only order or no longer it is be further snail mail, it fee 9.25 pounds and it takes weeks to be further. in case you have Ancestry i assume you have already tried to confirm who the mothers and fathers are using the 1911 census?

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