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I am a single mother and would love to become a Baltimore City police officer but I dont know where to start.?

I do know that I cannot do push ups. How to become a master at that?

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    All the answers are good but if you want to get hired by Baltimore, or any other city, you have to go the Personnel Office and get an application. Check the Baltimore City website to see if they are hiring Police trainees and go down, fill out the application, and turn it in. Sometimes they will let you put in an application anytime and then they will inform you when the test comes up. This is a civil service job so you will have to take a test before they consider hiring you.

    They will also tell you what the requirements are for getting hired with their agency.

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    WELL, before you can do anything, AS IN start the police academy you have to be hired. To get hired you have to take the written exam and pass it. Once this is done you will have to be hired by a police department. This is because you canNOT start a police academy unless you have been hired as a P.O. And you will learn as well as build up the right muscles in order to do the push ups.

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    Well to master pushups is to build up endurance. After a 5 minute cardio warmup, do as many as you can. Then 2 days after, do this again. Every 2 days keep doing pushups, trying to do one more than before. If you have to do 2 days with the same amount don't worry about it, it takes a lot of endurance to continue doing pushups.

    If you want to get more strength, to make them easier, then I suggest you look into working out your arms, back, and legs. You can find a good workout program, or have people help you at the link in my sources.

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    To become a police officer, the standard requirement for most major police agencies seems to be a minimum of 60 undergraduate hours, although some allow substitution of military service, and a Bachelor's degree may be preferred (generally required for federal special agent positions). Some agencies have age limits, for federal jobs it is 21 minimum and 37 maximum. Any major is acceptable, but Criminal Justice, Sociology, or Psychology may stand you in better stead. Smaller agencies may have a high school requirement. The agency normally provides training, but some states may have private academies (like TX). There are more applicants than there are positions. Those meeting the minimum requirements may not compare well to the best qualified applicants. Many agencies have increased pay levels for higher education, and higher education facilitates promotion.

    I recommend that individuals major in psych and minor in CJ (even though I majored in CJ, BS & PhD). Any bachelors degree is acceptable for federal investigative agencies, GPA, work experience, ability to communicate orally and in writing, and graduate degrees are what determine who gets hired for federal positions. And, there are always more applicants than positions.

    A Bachelor's degree is required for federal special agent positions (very few exceptions). Any major is acceptable, but Criminal Justice, Sociology, or Psychology may stand you in better stead. Those meeting the minimum requirements may not compare well to the best qualified applicants. The FBI likes lawyers and accountants, but they hire from various backgrounds ( Other federal agency job announcements should be available at; acceptance of applications is cyclical, and not always open.

    You must have no felony arrests, and many misdemeanor arrests are also disqualifying. And, a domestic violence conviction will be disqualifying. Any prior drug use of any sort may be disqualifying, although exceptions are possible in some agencies. There may be a written exam, medical exam, polygraph test, physical fitness test, drug test, minimum eyesight requirements, psychological evaluation, oral board examination, and full background check. As I said, there are always more applicants than there are positions, so it may take many application submissions to get an acceptable job (at least it did for me). Contact the agency directly or look for their website, which will list their employment qualifications and requirements.

    The fitness requirements should be listed on the website of the department. If you cannot meet the requirements, start a fitness program and increase repetitions gradually.

    Source(s): Retired fed spec agent, crim justice adj prof, former tactical team member, TX certified peace officer, TX licensed PI, formerly USMC officer & enlisted (Military Police), sat on hiring panels for two fed agencies
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    In today's world you can be anything you want to be-so go girl, go.

    The old add age, practice makes perfect applies here. When you wanted to ride a bike, you had to learn, so to do a push up, learn then practice. You will do 3 maybe at first but daily do them, as you build up strength and practice push ups, you will increase numbers.

    Get a copy of the requirements to be accepted to the department as sit ups, push ups, run a mile, 1 1/2 or 2 miles and practice on all of them till perfect.

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    I would suggest that you check out and read up on all the tips and tricks you should work on in order to land the job. Good luck!

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    Go to Cop School

    Source(s): I am a retired police officer. I retired as a sergeant, after 29 years, from a very large department, about 12,000 officers. I was a patrol officer for 4 years in a very diverse area. I was a tactical officer in the high rise project areas of my city. We called it vertical patrol in that we walked the the stairways of the high rises most of the time. I did that for 5 years and was promoted by test to detective. I worked violent crime (homicide, sex, officer involved shootings, robbery, kidnapping, serious non property incidents) for 11 years until I was promoted to sergeant. I worked as a street supervisor, a bicycle patrol supervisor and a desk sergeant/watch commander. During my time as a tactical officer and a detective I was a unit representative for the police union. I have a B.A in English and an M.S. in Law Enforcement Administration
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