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How might one commence conersation?

I have next to no experience in anything involving social activity. I have one friend (my cousin) and I rarely see him, and both of us are nerds, and I've known him all my life, so I can fairly easily talk to him..

But there is someone at my church who I would like to befriend! He, too, enjoys programming and math, so I would finally be able to more thoroughly relate to something with something! He's 17 (college, too), and I'm only 13, and I don't really know how well either of us fit in with anyone down here in Redneck-ville....

But before I get into telling my life story (pretty short and pointless,) I'll stop and ask: How might I attempt to commence conversation? I would have no idea what to say! Oh, and I so rarely talk that I've only been able to successfully give one impression of myself over the past 10 years: I'm a moron. (Lol.... one person knew me (as in we went to the same church) for around 7 years, when I said something (I forget what) near him, and he looked at me strangely, and then said that he had never heard me talk before)

Please, I needn't any rude insults. Though I see no reasno in boterhing to mention, for last time I got called a doo-doo head..... in all seriousness, that is evidense for evolution, apparently. (no joke)


And BTW, I realize that my grammar and such fail. It's 3AM, though, so please try reading it anyways. :)

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    If you're only 13, then what you're experiencing is quite normal. I never knew how to interact with other people my age when I was 13 either, but I was way more irritating than you. I would follow people around when it was obvious (to everyone except me) that these people really didn't want me around.

    If you like maths and programming, try talking to others who have similar interests. Talk to that 17 year old guy - ask him about college, what it's like, mention that you like maths/programming and ask for advice on how to learn more bout it in high school.

    Also, be careful not to categorize yourself. If you call yourself a "nerd" and don't have any confidence in yourself, how can you expect others to have confidence in you?

    You have no problem communicating with us on the internet, so why should people in real life be any different? True, it's probably easier on the net when you're behind the protection of your computer screen, but just think that these people you talk on the net to are real people too.

    Just talk to people - make the approach, don't expect others to take the first step, and go on from there.

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    Unless you are veru mature and knowledgeable, he's not going to interested. It would look weird on his part, due to societal expectations (not making any moral judgements though).

    As for starting conversation, try to keep up with pop culture. it's shallow and pedantic, but it's popular precisely because everyone can relate to it. From there, learn the person's tastes and such so that you have something personalized to start up another conversation.

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    It sounds like he may be too old to make a real friendship with, but maybe not. It all depends on him. Just find something you know he's interested in... like Pi! And be like "Hey, 3.14!"

    Okay.. I'm not good with math OR romance. But you get it.. use the common ground you have to spark a convo up.

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    ask God to help you come up with something to say. that can be really handy. and also just go up to him and say "hey hows it going. " and try and find out something about him. if he's nice he'll probably bring up conversation. but don't be mistaken. theres a difference between "shy "and "mean".

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    be short

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