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How do i handle rude comments about my pregnancy at school?

I could start in college in January, but i decided to just stay in regular school until i have my babies. Im due 05/07/2010.

I wasn't going anywhere, to any school, because i got my proficiency certificate, and i intended to go to college next year. I was taking a few classes online and all, but i wasn't physically going anywhere. I just turned 16, and this whole little pregnancy think sort of messed with my plans. I am being re enrolled in my old high school and i will be going there to complete some credits while i can. All my classes are AP so they count as college credits, and high school credits... do you get what im saying?

Im a junior, and in august i went to a party and was given some sort of drug, and raped. Im pregnant now, and yes, i am being forced to see a stupid therapist that i really dont want to see[just saying]

Im not showing yet, BUT im having double so im expecting to show a little earlier...

The issue at hand is nobody knows im pregnant, and I kinda wanted to keep it that way but obviously that is no longer an option.Im really nervous that when i do start showing im going to be the school outcast and will be stared at continuously and have rude comments whispered, and people throwing papers and trash at me when i walk by.

now that's worse case scenario and all, but im sure some of it is going to happen. My question is HOW THE HELL do i deal with that.

How the hell am i supposed to deal with people being rude and nasty to me when i already have to deal with this whole pregnancy thing ruining my life plans as it is! I probably have another 6 weeks before i start showing. i dont know if i could handle people being rude and nasty to me!

And what do i say to the people who want to know who the father is?! i dont want anybody knowing i was raped while i was drugged!

but I cant say "i dont know" because then im a slut!

I kow its stupid and i shouldnt care what anybody else thinks but just the thought of not being able to walk to my class without somebody yelling something rude really haunts me and im reconsidering this whole going back to school thing.

how do i handle this?!


Wow Tom J.

you know, nobody FORCED you too answer, and this question was only open for people with helpful answers.

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    Telling people the truth could maybe keep girls from going to parties and having the same horrible thing happen to them =(

    This is really sad.

    If you want to keep it a secret just tell people that its private, this gives them no reason to call you a slut. You can avoid looking huge for a while too, I was in high school through 5 or 6 months of my pregnancy, I just wore bigger sweatshirts and avoided tight clothes, just make "comfy" your style. No body knew I was pregnant until my PE teacher had to be told and he opened his mouth and blabbed to everyone. TIP:avoid PE ha ha. If anyone says anything mean try to ignore it, if they don't stop; it's harassment. They can get in a LOT of trouble for it, just remind them that.

    Good luck, everything will go fine I'm sure.

    Babies are a blessing, never forget that.

    Source(s): 37 weeks along =)
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    First off, I'm so overwhelmed that you have chose not to abort your babies! Kudos to you!!

    My opinion is that since you are strong enough to carry your babies, that you can handle anything. If it makes you feel better, lie about who the father is. Those high school jerks don't need to know all you business. Just keep you lie simple, like you were dating this older guy who's like 18-19 and you found out that you were pregnant after you both broke up & he moved away to college or something. Keep it simple & clean. They don't need to know his name or any details about your "relationship." Tell them that it hurts too much to talk about him since youre pregnant with his babies & he left you, that should spread through the rumor mill and after a little while no one should bother you. Maybe you'll even come across some other girls who are pregnant too and you can lean on each other for support.

    Good luck & I hope that everything works out for you! I hope you have a healthy pregnancy & a safe delivery!!

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    I understand that you're worried and scared.

    I don't think people will be rude, after all you were raped, it wasn't your fault. And you're doing the hard thing by having the babies when many other girls would have just aborted it.

    Just try and rise above it if it happens. In my opinion, I actually think you should give up the babies to a couple who can look after them. You're too young to raise 2 children.

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    i really feel for you on this one. i am so sorry. honestly just ignore all the people because you probably wont know them after you graduate. if you are working hard in school and taking it seriously just don't take the time to worry because all that happens when you worry about things like that it just causes stress (that will make school and home life much harder believe me, and its bad for the baby). just ignore them and brush it off. in the end you will be the better person. people who would make rude comments about anything like that are just scum. their opinions mean less than nothing. if you keep your head up you will do good. i think you would make a great mommy! and remember that you will need a good education so you can make it in the world, so don't give up! =]

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    think that everything's gonna be ok. If they mess around with you just come up with a nasty comment back. give them a taste of their own medicine! If they just stare, then say WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOUR EYES? or something. If they ask who the dad is just say, i dont really know. i got raped :( all dramatic like that. hope i helped you must be going threw a lot.

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  • You just rise above it and ignore them.

    You tell them to mind their own business and you walk away. If people are going to be rude to you, they deserve no more or less than that... and if they aren't rude, then it's up to you how much information you offer.

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  • 1 decade ago

    This might not be the best answer, but just think about it...

    Okey.Do what my best friend does when his sisters are anoying him.Laugh in their face! If you don't think it will work thats fine with me, I want get afended.

    good luck.

    Oh, by the way.Its okey if you have a little cry.It must be hard for you.

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  • Tell them to **** off !! None of their business anyway! You don't have to explain anything to them. I hate nosy and judgemental people!! Hang in there :)

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  • well,u can just ignore them girl,im sorry!

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