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    United States.

    Some of my reasons are as follow:

    1. Military - Chinese miltary power has been dramatically increased, but it is still a no match to the United States:

    a. Experience - Chinese does not involve in any combat for the last 20 years, which the ability of PLA is unknown.

    b. Equipments - Chinese miltary has advance but limited military equipments. A good example will be air combat. The United States has aircraft carrier wings to transport its navy aircrafts all around the world. Furthermore, most military aircrafts of the United States have aerial refilling ability. Compare to China, lack of these elements limits PLA's activity.

    2. Economy - China is one of the top countries in term of economic growth. However, poverty does not get improved. As a matter of facts, oen of the sources of Chinese economic growth is from the United States.

    3. International Involvement - Unless it is related, China seems to pull itself away from trouble.

    I know many people may not agree with what I have said. Feel free to drop your opinion.

    But I do believe that China does have the possibility to be even with the United States, but it is still a long way to go.

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    你這個問題是錯誤的,這個世界并不是有那一個國家可以領導的;美國也不是在領導世界,它只是在維護自己的利益.不過大多數市民都被部份傳媒誤導以為美國在領導這個世界,不錯,它的國力最強大,但也在朝鮮戰場,越南戰場以及今天的伊拉克戰場吃過虧.現在影響全世界的金融海嘯難道不正是由美國 "領導"的結果嗎?現在世界上很多國家都對美國的行為不滿,不過礙于實力而敢怒不敢言而已.所以世界上任何一個國家都別想領導世界.這個世界是需要協商的.

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    幫助他們 而不是動不動就功打他國

    恐嚇他國 或是以經濟壓力打擊他國



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