How long could I expect to run a 12V DC motor (0.3 amps) off a battery pack?

I would like to run this motor intermittently using a portable drill-type rechargeable battery pack, maybe lithium-ion. How long could I expect it to function with say a 30 percent on/70 percent off duty cycle before it drains the battery?

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    1 decade ago
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    It has been my observation that cells used for building battery packs for things like cordless drills all seem to have about 2000-3000 mAH capacities. Of course the size and number of cells in a 12 volt (nominal) pack will vary with the chemistry. Your motor draws a fraction of the current that a drill motor under load would use. At a 30% duty cycle, your motor would average .09 amps or 90 mA. You could reasonably expect about 20 hours of use from a fully charged battery in good condition without fully depleting it.


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  • parkin
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    3 years ago

    all of us else advised you regarding the motor, and that they are quite often good different than that maybe they are exaggerating slightly approximately what's going to ensue (e.g., "circulate up in smoke", "soften"). yet be conscious! The wires you employ can circulate up in smoke or soften in the event that they are not heavy adequate (do no longer question me how i understand!). on the different hand, i think of they are deceptive you approximately your image voltaic panel. there isn't any such factor as a 12V panel. in the experience that your panel is labelled 12V, that in simple terms approximately easily skill that it replaced into designed for charging a 12V battery. I even have a "5W 12V" panel that i offered to test with. In complete sunlight, this is open circuit voltage is 25V. when I hook it as much as a battery, regardless of the incontrovertible fact that, its output voltage is on the instant compelled to despite the voltage of the battery replaced into on the time. If the battery voltage replaced into low, and that i circulate away it interior the sunlight all day, that voltage will (ever so slowly) upward push. in case you do no longer use a charge controller, then it quite is quite useful to observe it, and disconnect the battery from the panel whilst the voltage gets up over 14V. a solid rule of thumb for lead-acid batteries, B.T.W.: in case you pick for them to final, then do no longer charge or discharge the battery in something under 10 hours. it quite is to assert, in the experience that your battery is labelled 12Ah, then you quite quite oughten't to entice from now on than a million.2A from it, or charge it at extra desirable than a million.2A.

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