PS3 as a blu ray player or OppoBDB-83?

These have been the highest rating blu ray players, which would you suggest I get. I already have a Wii and an Xbox 360 so getting a PS3 would be pretty nerdy. Give me your opinions and help me choose.

Cheers buds.

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    They are really two quite different devices aimed at different target audiences. You need to consider which fits your needs best.

    The PS3 has been highly recommended as a Blu-ray player because in the first couple of years of Blu-ray it was the most cost effective option. However, stand alone Blu-ray disk (BD) players have started to change the equation. The Oppo BDP-83 is arguably the best BD player on the market, and certainly the best for the price IF you value video quality of both DVDs and BDs, and the ability to play CDs, SACD, DVD-A etc in one "universal" player.

    On the other hand, if you want to play games, as well as CDs, SACDs, DVDs and BDs (at lower quality than the Oppo), and have a basic home media player the PS3 is the choice.

    If all you want is to play audio and video disks and get the best sound and video the PS3 is a poor choice. It uses 6X as much electricity as most stand alone players, is a mediocre DVD upscaler (an important consideration for those with DVD collections), has styling that doesn't fit into anyone's HT system and requires a specialized remote (e.g. it's not compatible with most universal remotes). On the positive Sony have supported the PS3 with frequent firmware updates, something not all BD player manufacturers have done (That said Oppo have an excellent track record in this regard too).

    On the other hand the Oppo is both more expensive and less flexible, while an excellent universal disk player it is best suited to those who value it's capacity to generate top notch video and audio suitable for audiophiles and videophiles.

    Personally, I'd buy the Oppo over a PS3 in a heartbeat ... but I have no interest in games, and if I want a media player I'll buy one. However, the PS3 offers more capability for the $$ so depending on your priorities you must choose.

    Hope that helps.

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    4 years ago

    The nice advantage that the PS3 has over any Blu-Ray player (apart from the games), is that Sony makes firmware upgrades to enhance your Blu-Ray experience. Just two weeks ago, Sony added the Picture in Picture functionality and the Blu-Ray profile 1.0 and profile 2.0 - this is functionality which no other Blu-Ray player on today's market has - and current Blu-Ray players will never have as they do not have the option to upgrade firmware like the PS3 has. To sum up, if BluRay capabilities change Like they have done this past month), Sony can modify the PS3 to match that. You cannot do that with a Blu-Ray player

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    I would buy the Oppo over the PS3 -- it is a better Blu-ray player and significantly better DVD player than the PS3. First off, it is possible to use a simple firmware update to make your Oppo region free. This would mean you can play any Blu-ray from around the world. This is not easy to do with a PS3. But, the main reason would be because the Oppo would do a better job playing all my DVDs on my big HDTV vs. the PS3 (which isn't bad, it just does not have the fantastic Anchor Bay video processor found in the Oppo).

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    The pros have a lot of good things to say about the Oppo. If I didn't play games and I had $400+ laying around that's the one I'd get. However, the PS3 is more user friendly, especially when it comes to WiFi updates. The Oppo appeals to the audiophile geeks because it can play DVD-As and SACDs and has analog outputs for your speakers.

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    Firstly... Who cares if you have all 3 ... I do and im not nerdy anyway thing is the ps3 has the BEST quality blu-ray... and obviously you get more.. and hell if you buy the ps3 you can get porn from your internet browser :D:D:D i just think the ps3 is a better deal

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    a PS3 u get a blue-ray player that can update , a gaming console, media player, and Internet browser also free online

    you get more for your money getting a PS3

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