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what is the difference between a sway bar and an anti sway bar?

and a strut bar?

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    sway bar/anti sway bar are used to describe the same thing.

    Usually in the rear of the vehicle the sway bar, is a bar that connects the driver and passenger sides of the axle/body together adding stiffness, this reduces the 'sway of the vehicle while cornering, especially at higher speeds. you also can have a sway bar in the front of the vehicle usually running along the front axle area.

    Strut bars also stiffen the vehicle and are similar to the sway bar, they mount on top of the engine, they mount to the top of each strut of the vehicle, reducing the 'body roll' of the vehicle.

    both items can greatly enhance the cars handling

    Source(s): the red bar in this pic being the rear sway bar. the chrome bar going over the engine being the strut bar/brace. notice how each end mount on top of each strut.
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    same thing.

    A strut is a totally different thing

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    Thankyou all for your replies and opinions.

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