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Pinky asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 1 decade ago

Chances of getting a Security Clearance?

This is my credit history:

1 car repo 2 years ago, today I settled and I was told that they will put in my credit report that the car was paid in full

1 credit card, i paid in full after collections (that was 1 year ago)

1 credit card that I never used (it is in good standing)

If I apply in december for a security clearance, what are my chances of getting denied?


HOOAH! It's an Army Thing: but isn't my car repo a bad history of money management? I mean, i lost my job, it wasn't my fault, but I still have that ugly mark on my credit report.

Update 2:

laramy smith: I need the health profession scholarship. I need a clearance for that. I'm worried I will not get it because of my bad credit, and I have no other means to pay for medical school.

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    Hello Pinky.

    What are you worried about? Do you think you are going to work with Nuclear Submarines?

    First off: go to your free credit report on line and get yours (one a year is provided by law). Then, there is a dispute section that you can click on the additional information that your car repossession was a result of lost job. That will flag on your credit report. Don't worry. In today's environment so many good people have some adverse entries on their credit report.

    Second; the military will look to any criminal history on a national agency check. They want to find out if all your debts are settled before you come into the service and/or if your current debts are no more than 40% (50% for Navy) of your basic pay to be able to pay them off. But, the most important thing about a security clearance is if you are a good risk not to divulge classified information that you may deal with while in the military. But, for example Army Infantry soldiers do not even have a security clearance. Security clearances are only run on people whose military job will require one. If you are assigned to a job that does not need a security clearance (and there are many) then there is no problem. If the job requires a security clearance and you are not granted one you will be reassigned to another military job. Period. They are not going to kick you out of the military. The military and today, especially the Army, needs 22,000 more troops. Just don't lie on your security application form.

    Best wishes.

    Larry Smith

    SMSgt, USAF (Ret.)

    First Sergeant

    Source(s): Previous military experience of 27 years: 1961 - 1989
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    properly getting charged multiple circumstances won't help. no longer to show the waivers which would be necessary. finally you "ran" removed from the officer,(no way an officer might in basic terms assist you walk away like that). the actuality which you ran away, you're admitting guilt. it sort of feels which you probably did no longer even consult with an OFFICER determination RECRUITER yet the two. Seeing as the type you used officer training college, somewhat of the truthfully call of the dep. you prefer to get into. How do you recognize you will get secret protection clearance in case you dont even recognize your interest interior the defense force yet. Your quite a few rates, somewhat the final one will ward off you from becoming to be a member of the militia, The waivers you will maximum possibly choose, would be denied, based on your decrease than ethical character, while around authority. there is doubt they you will even get chosen to an Officer college, there are various applicants that have not have been given any offender archives in any respect. you probably did no longer help your self via getting charged quite a few circumstances.

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    It shouldn't be much of an issue. The point of background checks are to see if you have the potential to br bribed or blackmailed.

    As long as you don't have a history of bad money management, you should be okay.

    Source(s): Army MP Veteran
  • molkey
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    1 decade ago

    I think you will be all right.

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