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What purpose do mice serve on this Earth?

Exactly what do they contribute to our environment. Cause for some reason I got a lot of thumbs down when I answered mice, as one of the beings on this Earth that contribute nothing. Enlighten me please.


Wow you guys really made me go to Wikipedia and research the Food Chain. Interesting.Thanks

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    Mice are VERY important to the environment. People like to call mice "pests," but you have to undetstand that that is a relative term. They are only "pests" for humans. Just like you can say humans are "pests" to bees. Mice serve as a major food source for many animals, such as birds of prey. If mice were taken from an ecosystem with such predatory animals like birds of prey, then other animals, such as snakes, would suffer, since birds of prey also have a tendancy to eat snakes. Certain snake species might even go completely extinct! Mice, which are very fast reproducers, keep balance in the ecosystem basically by being a food source. Now, you can't really say that all mice are good for is being eaten, either. Mice also keep in balance natural grains that may grow in an area by eating them. These grain grasses have the potential to litterally grow out of control if the mice were removed.

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    What Are Mice Good For

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    Before humans rules the earth mice would have been relatively rare, the only reason we get plauges now is because they get into barns and fields and have endless grain to cunsume. So they would have played a normal part in the ecosystem, feeding larger animals, and probably played a part in spreading seeds in there droppings. Now they thrive in cities and towns because we discard so much rubbish that they can eat.

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    they eat insects and plants like grains to keep them from overgrowing, helpful for us. They eat dead animals so their aren't dead bodies left around.

    As mentioned earlier they are food to other animals.

    Also everyday more and new vaccines are tested on mice, rats, etc that can result in life saving/ changing discoveries. Imagine without those discoveries and the mice to test on which make those discoveries possible, thousands maybe even millions people could be dead.

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    Its true that they mean nothing to us. But they do help the chain go on. More animals are becoming extinct. And if mice are gone. then our chain will start to fail. And you should get the rest..

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    they serve a purpose in the food chain, the birds have to find something to eat, and snakes. God put everything on here for a reason, even though they are really nasty and take ove quick..

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    well if you read the Hit hikers guide to the Galaxy series. they are actually the Dominate species on the planet.

    but small rodents like them are an important part of the food chain.

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    They are here to make lots of babies, and those babies help to feed other animals like snakes, birds of prey and others. The same principle goes for mosquitoes and flies. They are part of the food chain.

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    They wanted to make the dictionary as long as possible so they created the animal and put a name on it

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    They keep me from having to pick up the food I drop on the floor

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