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Karma asked in HealthMental Health · 1 decade ago

Discontinuing Zoloft - Depression or Bipolar Tendencies?

I take 100mg of Zoloft a day and have been for 4 years now. I spoke with my doctor about cutting down the dosage or the possibility of discontinuing the medication. He told me that because he saw "bipolar tendencies" in my chart he would not recommend stopping the medication. This is the 1st time a doctor has ever said something like this to me (I have seen him for 1 year every 4 months). I'm not sure what to think about this award exchange. My mental health is extremely important to me and I don't want to make a bad/hasty decision. I do not have insurance, so any suggestion that would involve more medical bills will not be helpful to me.

Thanks for you time!

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    if you decide to quit your doctor is telling you that you may have serrious side effects other than feeling crappy you may have a overwhelming feelings of depression and or thoughts of suicide dont quit without family and or friends to monitor you

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If he thinks you have "bipolar tendencies," I hope you are on a mood stabilizer in addition to the zoloft. Lithium is cheap - it is a naturally occurring salt. Depakote has been generic for awhile, but you would have to price that. Lamictal I think is now generic too, but not as long, so again, would have to price that. If you are tolerating the medication well, there is no reason to stop it. If the side effects are really upsetting, well, then you may want to risk a slow, slow taper and see what happens. Does depression run in your family? If so, bipolar is more likely - it's very genetic. Atypical depression, where you sleep a lot more than usual, instead of insomnia, is a bipolar sign. Agitated depressions, where you pace around and feel on fire - that's another bipolar type thing.

    go to and click thru to dr. phelps (ask the doctor). He has put a TON of medical information on his website, and even has a book you can read for free on bipolar II, "soft" bipolar, which is probably what you have if you have bipolar. He has lots of tips of things that may help that cost nothing, too, like exercise, keep your sleep schedule the same every day. Light boxes help people who get depressed in the winter more, and are cheap compared to most meds ($300, but only a one time purchase).

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    5 years ago

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    Long term medicine should not be discontinued quickly or without medical supervision.

    If you are happy on your meds then continue taking them be guided by your Dr if you have confidence in him/her... if you dont .... go to a new Dr(or keep looking until you find you find one you are comfortable with) Be upfront about what you have been on and what you have been going through and then follow the advice... long term medication is not necessarily a bad thing.

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