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HALF of my tooth nerve is already dead, but do i wait for the whole thing to die before for root canal?

I heard root canal doesnt hurt, but when they did it on me today, only half of it was dead, so they put this thing to kill the rest and after ten minutes it hurt SOO much i cried on the way home for like 30 minutes.

Is that normal? if its not completely dead are you supposed to get root canal? my friend said it doesnt hurt...


they opened it to put something in to kill it then closed it and im supposed to go back in a few days, so its not done yet. but is this a "correct" prcedure?

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    Your nerve/pulp doesn't have to be dead to get a root canal. When you have a cavity and the infection reaches the pulp, it causes inflammation and pain. Root canals are used to get rid of the pain by getting rid of the tooth's nerve/pulp that is infected. After they clean out the pulp canal/remove the root they fill it with gutta percha and place a temporary filling on top of it. Your return to get the temporary filling removed and have a permanent filling/crown placed.

    Source(s): im a dental hygienist
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    Apparently they did not remove all the nerves in the tooth. Go back to your dentist.

    A root canal is to remove the nerves from the root of a tooth, this is done to preserve the teeth so it can be used as an anchor to place a crown and brigde over it.

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