I have a 2003 bmw 330i and my power steering steering fluid is leaking?

Whats the difference between STP power steering fluid and Mobile Dexron III ATF? I know Mobile is synthetic and BMW recommends ATF and not power steering fluid. Would it hurt putting the STP power steering fluid in?

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    STP and Mobil are brand names. Dexron III is a product category or classification of Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) based on accepted engineering standards (usually ASE).

    Power steering fluid is a general term to mean the fluid used or put into power steering systems. It can be ATF (Dexron III type as required by BMW for your car) or some such fluid specific to the car like the green colored CHF-11S for newer BMW and other cars.

    I recommend that you stick with known brands of Dexron III.

    And do not just replace or top-off the fluid. Find the cause of the leak and remedy it. Replace hoses and clamps as needed.

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