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Can anyone tell me what movie this is?

A long time ago I saw this black and white movie about a guy who puts on these sunglasses and many normal people have these skeletal alien faces that can only be seen with the glasses on and he tries to tell everyone, also newspapers and bilboards have secret messages about humans being controlled by the aliens when seen with the glasses, what movie is this as I cant remember the name!

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    They Live (1988)

    aka John Carpenter's They Live

    starring Roddy Piper, Keith David, Meg Foster, Raymond St. Jacques

    IMDb synopsis:

    John Nada is a man without job who walks around the city trying to find something to do. He finally finds a job as a worker and a place to spend the nights. One day, something terrible happens to him: He discovers a pair of sunglasses through which he can see the true face of people. It turns out that many people are in fact aliens, and most of them are important members of our society. They keep humans in ignorance and rule our world as they like. Nada must find others who know what's happening~those who made the strange sunglasses~and join them in the fight against the aliens.

    Here's the movie trailer:

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    They Live

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    "they live" - 1988

    I havent seen this movie in years! I really love those 80's horror flicks :D

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    sounds like They Live (1988), but the movie is in color.

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