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Biology, population growth help?

the question reads:

A hurricane washed away much of a sandy beach, thus removing the habitat required by hermit crabs. the beach loss reduced the carrying capacity from 2000 to 1000. if the population currently bas 1999 crabs, calculate the changes in popiulation size and the # of individuals present at the end of eac hyear. assume that r=1.0.

so r=1.0

k= 1000

N= 1999

our chart looks like this

Year#-------------#at strt. of yr (N)----rN----((K-N)/K)=------chng in pop. sz. ------# at end of yr.

so for year 1 i have

# at start of year= 1999

rN 1999

((K-N)/K)= -.999

change in pop sz= -1997.001

# at end of yr= 1.999

i know its just plugging in numbers but am i doing this right?

is it possible that i went from 1999 crabs to 1.999 crabs?

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    That looks right. In real life r presumably wouldn't remain so high under such conditions, but the situation does demonstrate how a population can crash out.

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    The curve could start up with an exponential ingredient that tapers off horizontally as quickly as the inhabitants reaches the island's optimal potential. factors that shrink the inhabitants incorporate nutrition and predators.

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