POLL: Which team would you LEAST like your team to face in the playoffs (details inside)?

As the sun sets on another MLB regular season [=*( ], which teams would you least want your team to face in the....

Divisional Series--

Championship Series--

World Series--

Doesn't matter if your team has a chance at the playoffs or not, just having a slow day in the baseball section and thought I'd throw this question in for fun!

BQ--Who would you want pitching for your team if you were to face these teams in the playoffs?

Thanks for answering! =)

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    Divisional Series-- Cubs

    Championship Series--Cardinals

    World Series--Angels

    (The only reason I didn't say Yankees, who are tough as nails is because back when the Brewers were in the AL East they had the Yankees number...then flash forward, the last time they played in 2005 they still had that same number) ...little known fact pointed out to me by a friend

    BQ: Can Yovani Gallardo just pitch every game? That would be the best way to get wins against the Angels.

  • Yankees fan here.

    ALDS - I guess the Tigers. They pose more of a threat in comparison to the Twins (Who really don't have sharp pitching in a short postseason series)

    ALCS - Angels. They play great against the Yankees at home, and that can be a problem in the playoffs.

    World Series - Cardinals. I think if the Yankees play the Cardinals in the WS, it'll be a problem. The Cardinals have an excellent starting rotation, and with their lineup having power threats including Pujols and Holliday, along with their 1-2 punch of Wainwright-Carpenter (whatever the order is..) and the 3-4-5 guys pitching great (I guess Smoltz isn't tipping pitches anymore?), it'll be tough to navigate.

    BQ - CC, an AJ Burnett that's dealing, an Andy Pettitte that's dealing, and I guess how great Chad Gaudin has been pitching lately for #4, and just for memories, I'd love to see a young El Duque pitch again...

  • Lynne
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    4 years ago

    I copied the first answer and changed it up a little to my liking General Manager~ Andy Macphail (probably some Oriole bias) Manager~ Ron Gardenhire Starting Pitchers~ 1-5. {you don't have to put all 5, just put as many as you wish!} In no particular order 1) Tim Lincecum 2) Dan Haren 3) Zack Greinke 4) Roy Halladay 5) Johan Santana Middle Relief/ Set-up man~ Scott Shields Closer~ Mariano Rivera Catcher~ Joe Mauer First Base~ Albert Pujols Second Base~ Chase Utley Shortstop~ Hanley Ramierez Third Base~ Alex Rodriguez Left Field~ Ryan Braun Center Field~ Carl Crawford (I know he's a LF, but I dont think he'd mind too much) Right Field~ Ichiro Suzuki Designated Hitter (optional)~ Prince Fielder Bench Player(s)~ Matt Wieters, Derek Jeter, Matt Holliday

  • 1 decade ago

    Giants Fan

    Divisional Series- St. Louis Cardinals: would rather not face Carpenter and Wainwright more than once in a 5-game series.

    Championship- Los Angeles Dodgers: so much depth offensively. If they made a bench lineup it would probably still be better than our starting lineup right now.

    World Series- Boston Red Sox: too much experience, pretty balanced all the way around with clutch hitter and clutch pitchers who are built for postseason regardless of what they do in the regular season.

    BQ: Lincecum, Cain, Sanchez, Penny

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  • luigi
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    1 decade ago

    Division series: Well, we always play the Angels and beat them. I guess the Rangers, even though it's highly unlikely for the Sox and Rangers to both make the playoffs this year

    Championship series: Yankees

    WS: The Cardinals. They're a much better team than they were 5 years ago

    BQ: Beckett, Beckett, and Beckett. Best postseason pitcher ever

    EDIT: If you meant who I would want in the rotation, then Beckett, Lester, Buchholz, and Dice-K

  • JimBob
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    1 decade ago

    Red Sox fan

    The AL side is pretty straight forward

    ALDS play Angels,

    then ALCS Yankees

    WS Cardinals (best starting pitching in playoffs on the NL side)

    Glad to see Tampa isn't in the playoffs because the Sox have struggled to beat them consistantly.

    I'd take Lester

  • 1 decade ago

    NLDS: Cardinals. The offense isn't hitting well enough to hit that pitching right now.

    NLCS: Dodgers.

    World Series: I'm honestly not scared of any AL team, but I'll have to say the Yankees.

    BQ: The entire Phils' staff has been great.

  • 1 decade ago

    If the Jays were to ever make the play-offs, the only team I wouldn't really want them to face would be the Rays, but the chance the Jays and Rays would both make the play-offs would be near impossible right now.

    BQ: Easily, Roy Halladay, Ricky Romero, Scott Richmond, Brian Tallet, they are young, but are the best pitchers on the team, and when on are really good.

  • Division Series= If i had to pick anyone it would be the Tigers.

    Championship Series= Angels

    World Series= I'm going to say Phils. They somehow always find a way to win.

  • 1 decade ago

    Divisional Series: Yankees, we never do good against them.

    Championship Series: Tiger, again, we never win against them. ahah

    World Series: Cardinals or Phillies - they are great, it would be hard to win, haha.

    BQ: Jeff Niemann, Jeff Niemann, Jeff Niemann, Jeff Niemann, Jeff Niemann, Jeff Niemann, hahahah

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