Best free movie download site?

I have been downloading from StageVu and CineCast, but everyonce in a while they don't have a particular movie I might be looking for. I have only found disappointment when I have looked at other sites..they want to charge (for apparently pirated movies), or they want you to fill out questionaires, or sometimes just register...but they never seem to actually access you to the film they are pimping...So...what I am looking for is a couple of sites that simply have the movie they advertise like Cinecast and StageVu..Also, no torrent or p2p and Divx is the preferred format..

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Yeah...Ran a complete soul search on the issue and...I couldn't care less if the movie industry is shorted here, there, or anywhere. Just don't care at all...but I'm sure they're appreciative of your concern for their money...

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    1 decade ago
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    Get a job. Don't do to the movie industry what they've done to the music industry.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    So you're the goofball causing the movie rates to go up and the price of BluRay discs to skyrocket......

    Do me a favor....obey the laws.....

    I don't want to hear only the person that makes the movie available is breaking the law, or streaming videos are legal..or as long as you don't keep it and make a copy, or as long as you don't profit from it......Bullsh!'s all illegal

    Well Richard, or can I call you Dick.....there are more people affected by your choice to steal...The retailers...the people that do the artwork, the fashion desinger, the set work people...I guess you being a knob put you above that......

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    1 decade ago,

    and,166.0.... (300 mb movies)

    and,85.0.h... collection)

    They have only few but you can download all the movies with out any registration and of course for free

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